Why Does Coffee Make You Poop? Interesting Facts

Here’s Why Coffee Makes You Poop

If you are an avid coffee lover, then I am sure you must wake up with coffee in the morning. Many people complain that coffee makes them poop more often. If you are also among those complainants, then you are at the right place.

In this article, we will discuss whether coffee promotes bowel movement. I will explain the different reasons behind this concept. So, if you want to know why coffee intake makes you poop, you will have to read this article till the end. You will find answers to all your questions here.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!!

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Does Coffee Make You Poop?

Yes, coffee makes you poop. But, before I began to explain, I want to clear that caffeine is not the cause. I will explain the reasons down below and will elaborate on them in detail.

  • Dairy:

If you are lactose intolerant and still adding milk or any creamer to the coffee, it will make you rush to the toilet. Consumption of milk, besides, intolerance can cause diarrhea, gas, and flatulence. 65 % of people around the world are lactose intolerant.

So, avoid adding milk to your coffee. Instead, prefer to use skim milk.

  • Hormones:

Coffee directly affects your colon. After you have a cup of Joe, your body will start secreting gastrin actively. In turn, it will promote a gastrocolic reflex. This will result in bowel movements.

The peristaltic movement of the colon will become more and the food will move down the colon and rectum more rapidly. All these hormonal changes will promote the urge to defecate.

  • Hot Beverage:

Coffee is a hot beverage and can trigger the movement of the intestines. You may not feel the same urge of elimination after having tea because coffee impacts your intestines differently.

  • Sweeteners:

If you are adding artificial sweeteners to your cup, they may cause you to rush to the toilet. Sweeteners tend to cause problems in the digestive system.

Thus, compounds in coffee are responsible for making you poop each time you have a freshly brewed cup. In this way, coffee works both as a diuretic and a laxative.

Does Decaf Coffee Make You Poop?

As I mentioned earlier, caffeine is not the cause of poop. So, decaf coffee also makes you poop. It triggers gastrocolic reflux. Drinking decaf coffee in the morning will cause some changes in hormone balance. The first cup you have in the day has a greater chance of stimulating bowel movement.

However, caffeinated coffee will increase the defecation process at a greater rate as compared to decaf coffee. Several compounds in coffee will stimulate the production of gastric juice. Ultimately, food will quickly pass out of the gut.

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Does Coffee Make Everyone Poop?

The answer varies from person to person. Overall, studies have shown that women poop more frequently after drinking coffee as compared to men.

It’s very common among coffee drinkers but not compulsory for everyone. It depends on your digestive condition. There is still confusion on this topic among the masses. Research studies are yet to prove it.

However, if coffee makes you poop, it will be good for you if you are suffering from constipation.

How To Get Rid of Coffee Breath?

The delicious aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee is so soothing, but the bad smell that will come from your breath is terrible.

Sulfur compounds in coffee beans are the main reason for bad breath. Coffee also dehydrates your mouth leading to an awful smell.

To get rid of the bad breath follow these tips:

  • After having a cup of coffee, thoroughly brush your teeth with a toothpaste containing zinc.
  • Chew parsley, bubble gum, or mint.
  • Use a mouthwash
  • Drink ample water.

To avoid bad breath, drink coffee without milk and sweeteners. You can replace sugar with a cinnamon stick. Milk contains bacteria which will lead to a bad smell.

Different compounds present in coffee like tannins, and Sulphur can be the cause of bad breath. Follow the tips, I mentioned above to get rid of the smell.

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Final Thoughts

Finally, you have reached the end of the article. I am sure you must have got most of your queries answered till now. This was all about coffee and the reason it makes you poop. Both caffeinated or decaf coffee will make you poop. But the situation varies greatly from person to person. It is good for you if you suffer from constipation.

Coffee also causes bad breath, but you can get rid of it by chewing gum, brushing your teeth, or drinking plenty of water. If still, you don’t like the smell, you can switch to a different beverage that contains caffeine like black tea.

I hope this article was helpful for you!!

Fun Fact

Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?

If you want coffee to make you poop, then when should you drink it? It can be as quick as 10 minutes, but most people reach their peak concentration in 45 minutes. For those wishing to use coffee before a

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