Why Are Dystopian Novels So Popular?

Dystopian Novels, Why are they so popular?


Dystopian novels have been among the best stories for more than a few centuries. Even in the present era, you will find numerous Dystopian novels at the top. However, have you ever wondered why? What makes these novels so great and popular. Moreover, you may wonder whether they are worth reading or not. Don’t worry.

Why Are Dystopian Novels So Popular?

In this blog, we will do an in-depth analysis of whether you must read Dystopian novels or not. Moreover, we would try to understand the world of Dystopian novels.

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What is a Dystopian Novel?

Before we understand the plot of a Dystopian novel, let us understand the meaning of ‘Dystopian.’ Dystopian refers to a rotten world in terms of humanity, politics, society, and many more. It is a world, which we only imagine in our bad dreams. A world, where no one is treated equal and there are thousands of issues.

Moreover, the ruling authority is highly corrupt and promotes only the wealthy or powerful. Besides, the world may be facing an apocalypse. Sounds awful right? Till now, you may think that Dystopian novels are ‘dark.’ Well, you are partially true.

Why Are Dystopian Novels So Popular?

However, there is a plot twist, which makes them highly interesting. What is it? It is the characters of a dystopian novel, which will inspire you a lot. Even though their world is completely rotten and full of inequality, they stand-up and fight the conditions.

Moreover, you will find the world of Dystopian novels interesting. You will be able to see the extension of human psychology, which you might not have seen in real life.

Why are they Popular?

If you have just developed the hobby of reading a novel, then you would surely wonder that. There are numerous factors, why Dystopian novels are so popular. Let us discuss them one by one.

First of all, these novels can easily connect to a person. When it comes to the best novels, you will always find the ones, which easily connect with the reader. Similarly, a Dystopian novel has an environment and characters, which are easy to imagine and connect.

Why Are Dystopian Novels So Popular?

Therefore, you may feel that the main character or any of the side characters has a similar personality to you. This allows the reader to be part of a whole new world. Moreover, these novels relax you, as they bring you out of the hectic schedule of daily life.

Also, the character is highly inspiring in a Dystopian novel. How? Well, imagine two characters. The first one, who faces a harsh condition in life and fights back. Moreover, the character becomes stronger, both mentally and physically. Now, imagine the second character, who faces the same conditions. However, the character gives up and lets fate decide its destiny.

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Which Story do you want to read?

As a reader, which story would you like to read? Yes, you would want to read the story of the first character. It is because we humans are progressive. We are always attracted to inspiring things, characters, and many more. Moreover, a Dystopian novel consists of a lot of morals that can be useful in even real life.

The third major thing that makes them popular is the environment of the world. In daily life, it is challenging to imagine a completely different world. A world with different rules, different spices, and many more. The novel helps you to dive in and live in a completely different world. For instance, a world that has a lot more advanced technology compared to the real world. A world where you can mutate the genes of a human and many more.

Why Are Dystopian Novels So Popular?

Some of the most famous Dystopian novels are ‘1984’, ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Giver’, ‘Divergent’, and many more. In the upcoming sections, we will mention some tips to select a good Dystopian novel.

Dystopian Book Sons and Lovers Illustrated

Lastly, these novels raise burning or hidden issues in real society. It is an undeniable fact, that our world has various problems. However, a chunk of them are hidden or people refrain from raising them. Irrespective of that, you will find these issues indirectly mentioned in a Dystopian novel. Moreover, the novel may also revolve around how that problem got solved. All these things inspire you personally, which you may not find in other categories of novels.

How to choose a good Dystopian novel?

There are hundreds of Dystopian novels you can read. However, not all of them are worth reading. First of all, you must narrow your search based on your expectations. For instance, some readers like the main character of a similar age. Whereas, some like to imagine a completely new world, with new species and many more.

Dystopian Book Sons and Lovers Illustrated

You must also know that there are various good Dystopian novels based on realities. Moreover, go through the summary of a novel before reading it. It will help you understand whether the novel matches your taste or not.

Also, you must never choose a novel based on its reviews. Why? Well, there is no novel in the world, which is liked by every reader. Every novel has a fan base and a chunk, who do not like it. Maybe you like ‘detective’ novels. However, there are numerous readers, who do not like that category. Thus, always choose a novel based on your taste not as per the reviews of some other reader.


Now, you know why Dystopian novels are so popular all over the world. Let us recap a few major points. First of all, these novels introduce you to a completely new world. A world with different technology, rules, regulations, and many more. Besides, you get to imagine the story of a wonderful character. A character, whom you can relate your personality or you may get inspired by that personality. Moreover, these novels always have an engaging story. Lastly, you get to know the hidden problems in society.

We have also discussed some tips that will help you choose a good Dystopian novel. You must always make sure that you do not choose a book based on reviews. Always choose a novel based on its summary and engaging story.

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