What are the Best Altcoins to mine?

The prolific growth of Blockchain from the time of its emergence has brought us the unique currency system- Cryptocurrency. In the Crypto universe, we all know that Bitcoin is a big name as it has been existent in the market since its inception, and the journey with this specific coin system has been relevant for all investors. But in this Bitcoin Era, with the ascension of time, other cryptocurrencies have also been invented and circulating on the market right now. To be very precise, Bitcoin is not something very foolproof, and it has certain setbacks in the system, but with the help of software like which make the investment quite simple. These other coins, or Altcoins, can be a good investment option under these circumstances, and one can eventually profit from these if they choose the right one.



One of the most potentially enriched cryptos for 2022 is the RavenCoin. The main action of the coin was embedded in its protocol to make the system customer-centric and add up the highest amount of profit. The instant payment option of this system, unlike the others, actually works seamlessly and gives a lot more opportunity to do market research. Starting its journey on 3rd January of 2018, the coin has launched features such as mobile wallet seed phrase, message or text, voting with RVN, and so on. The compatibility features are quite promising. The total supply of RavenCoin in the crypto market is 21 billion per year.


Ethereum Classic

Now comes the most worthy rival of Bitcoin, the Ethereum classic. Working mostly on the P2P connection system, the currency guarantees its users the best untraceable feature. The system uses its programming language and has only verified programmers to design each of the coins, which confirms the increased security of the system. Ethereum has been increasing its coin supply at the same while continuing its ‘burning,’ maintaining proper equilibrium in the crypto ecosystem. Plus, the system mostly runs with a good share price always. The NFTs and the DeFi were first introduced to the world by Ethereum.



It’s a crypto service that uses the RandomX hash technique and is extremely compatible. This system serves the greatest quantity of mining equity. Monero stands as one of the most valuable currencies to produce in 2021, having a current valuation of more than $3 billion. Monero is now rated 14th in the crypto space and is ASIC-resistant. The greatest aspect is that setting up mining equipment for this cryptocurrency is simple. All that is required is the purchase of mining hardware and a wallet, after which the system can be configured.



Litecoin is one of the first virtual assets which allows for fast mining with minimal gear. In respect of marketplace valuation, it is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies. Because of its small cost, rapid verification timeframes, and basic simplicity of use, this is often utilized as a transaction option. It enables traders to conduct business wherever in the globe with minimal hassle.


Feather Coin 

Feathercoin is a widely-accessed cryptocurrency that allows users to conduct safe transactions with minimal effort. It has a digital wallet that allows users to transfer and collect FTC with ease. It is one of the most GPU-friendly altcoins. Because this cryptocurrency includes no transaction charges, businesses do not have to pass networking expenses on to the customers. Feathercoin can process and complete the transaction swiftly. It is one of the biggest lucrative cryptocurrency mining operations.



This cryptocurrency was created with ASIC protection in mind, rendering it difficult for miners to generate the tokens. In the year 2016, Zcash was founded. The ratings of Zcash point to potential long-term viability, as its worth is less volatile compared to that of competing cryptocurrencies. An additional advantage of Zcash is that it has greater security options than most other currencies.



GRiN is virtual cash crypto that focuses on simplicity and anonymity. The currency’s operations are open to all, with no limits or restrictions. It’s one of the most straightforward currencies to mine. It maintains all mining activities between miners confidential. Payment amounts and locations could also be hidden with this crypto. GRiN has proved to be a very successful cryptocurrency mining operation.


In this Bitcoin Era, the Altcoins are receiving very positive results, both by investment and profit rates, The Altcoins are indeed a gateway to more exploration in this field, and the investors are intending to learn more regarding each of them to find the most compatible one for them.

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