New Shows to Watch in December 2022 on Britbox?

The finest of past, present and future British television are available to UK viewers through the digital video subscription service from BBC & ITV. The greatest British streaming content can be found at BritBox right now. Here are the top new releases on the platform in December.

New On BritBox December 2022

1.  I, Claudius

Robert Graves, an English author, wrote the historical book I, Claudius, first published in 1934. The Julio-Claudian dynasty, or the early years of the Roman Empire, from the death of Julius Caesar in 44 BC until the assassination of Caligula in AD 41, are chronicled in this work, which was written in the style of an autobiography of the Roman Emperor Claudius.

2.  Mrs. Brown

Judi Dench, Antony Sher, and Gerard Butler make their cinematic debuts in the 1997 British drama Mrs. Brown. John Madden served as the film’s director, and Jeremy Brock as its author. The BBC and Ecosse Films created the movie to air on BBC One and WGBH’s Masterpiece Theatre. However, Miramax bought it and released it to surprising success, bringing in more than $13 million globally.

3.  A Bigger Splash

Luca Guadagnino’s 2015 psychological drama A Bigger Splash has a screenplay by David Kajganich based on an Alain Page novella. The movie, which also stars Tilda Swinton and Dakota Johnson, is partially based on Jacques Deray’s 1969 film La Piscine and is titled after the same-titled 1967 David Hockney picture.

4.  Hawking

The fictionalized biography of Professor Stephen Hawking from 2004 starred Benedict Cumberbatch as the youthful Stephen Hawking. The play depicts how he succeeds in science and garners widespread praise against all the hurdles. He was diagnosed with potential motor neuron disease at 21 as a Ph.D. student at Cambridge University. He was given two years to live.

5.  Truly Madly Deeply

The third single from Australian pop duo Savage Garden’s self-titled first album (1997), “Truly Madly Deeply,” was made available in March 1997 through Roadshow and Warner Music. The song was reworked from “Magical Kisses,” which bandmates Darren Hayes & Daniel Jones created together while making their debut album. In 1997, it was awarded Single of the Year and Highest Selling Single at the ARIA Music Awards, and it was also potentially nominated for Song of the Year.

6.  Gimme, Gimme. Gimme

Gimme Tiger Aspect Productions’ BBC television sitcom Gimme Gimme debuted in three seasons from 1999 to 2001. The theme song for the program is a rendition of ABBA’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” The title refers to both of the main characters’ ongoing hunt for a male mate. Jonathan Harvey, who co-created the series alongside Kathy Burke, wrote it.

7.  Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps

A British sitcom called Two Pints of Lager, and a potential Packet of Crisps aired from 26 February 2001 until 24 May 2011. It was initially centered on the lives of five young adults in Runcorn, Cheshire, the setting of Susan Nickson’s creation and first novel. Starring Sheridan Smith, Ralf Little, Kathryn Drysdale, and Luke Gell, it debuted on BBC Two.

8.  The Legend of Barney Thomson

The 2015 British comedy-thriller The Legend of Barney Thomson, often referred to as Barney Thomson in the US, is based on Douglas Lindsay’s 1999 book The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson. Robert Carlyle, who also acts in the movie with Ashley Jensen, and Brian Pettifer, makes his directorial debut.

9.  The Real Windsors

This insider account of the status of the most renowned dynasty in history asks: what will happen to the monarchy as the longest-reigning king in British history draws to a close? The most renowned family in the world braces for seismic upheaval as the longest-reigning British monarch’s reign ends. A look at the Royal House of Windsor’s future with the monarchy’s stability in doubt.

10.  India 1947: Partition In Colour

A million people perished due to Lord Mountbatten’s disastrous split of India into 2 countries. The tale of India’s division is told in a newly colored movie, along with the personal rivalry of some major participants, including Viceroy Mountbatten, Nehru, and the Viceroy’s wife. This documentary examines the horrific events using recently colored archival material.

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