New Exciting Shows on Acorn TV December 2022

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1.  Farewell Doc Martin and Doc Martin Series Finale

With two programming events, Acorn TV bids farewell to an enormously popular UK dramedy. First, the one-hour documentary Farewell Doc Martin examines the series’ longevity through the years and provides behind-the-scenes access to the last season with the actors and crew.

2.  Whitstable Pearl

Based on a set of novels by Julie Wassmer, Whitstable Pearl is a 2021 British crime drama television serial that is broadcast and produced by Acorn TV. Private investigator Pearl Nolan, a single mother of an adult son, owns and operates Whitstable Pearl, a seafood restaurant in the potential seaside town of Whitstable, along with her mother.

3.  Grand Tours of Scotland Season 2

Paul Murton (Casualty), a historian, explores the nation while holding a Victorian travel guide, charting the evolution of Scottish tourism over the past 200 years. The region “north of the border” had a reputation for being dangerous for generations, and early visitors bemoaned the locals’ harsh landscape and impolite customs.

4.  Midsomer Murders

British crime drama television series Midsomer Murders has been shown on two ITV channels since its debut on March 23, 1997. It was created by Anthony Horowitz & Douglas Watkinson from novels within the Chief Inspector Barnaby book series. The series centers on several murder investigations in small rural towns in Midsomer’s made-up English county.

5.  One Lane Bridge

A criminal drama from New Zealand called One Lane Bridge would make its TVNZ 1 debut in 2020. The program centers on the latest in a string of strange fatalities on even a one-lane bridge close to Queenstown. In the show, Dominic Ona-Arika plays rookie detective Ariki Davis, Joel Tobeck plays his mentor Stephen Tremaine, and Alison Bruce plays Tremaine’s wife, Lois.

6.  Poison Pen

The 2014 Irish comedy Poison Pen was produced by Steven Benedict, Lorna Fitzsimons, and Jennifer Shortall and is based on a script by Eoin Colfer. A Booker Prize-winning novelist, P.C. Molloy (Lochlann Mearáin), is forced to contribute to a tabloid gossip publication. The intellectual Molloy finds himself entangled in the world of arrogant celebrities and starts to fall for his boss. Cultures collide, and flames flare.

7.  Aftertaste

The Australian comedy series Aftertaste premiered on ABC TV on February 3, 2021. Jonathan Brough directed the first season, and Renée Webster will helm the second, which will premiere on July 20, 2022. Julie De Fina & Matthew Bate are the creators, while Closer Productions is the producer.

8.  The Man Who Shot The Great War

This movie explores the incredible tale of Lance Corporal George Hackney, a British soldier who brought his camera to war on the Western Front during World I, which has been dubbed “a photographic discovery of the century.” See how his experiences in the battle sparked an improbable moral journey that would alter his life forever.

9.  Farewell Doc Martin

As the long-running series with the same name ends after 10 seasons & 18 years on television, Martin Clunes, who plays one of the most recognizable TV characters in the UK, puts up his stethoscope and Doc Martin. In addition to providing behind-the-scenes access to the last season with crew and cast, this hour-long documentary, directed by Stuart Orme & produced by Evie-Bergson-Korn, highlights the durability and effect of Doc Martin throughout the years both locally and globally.

10.  Doc Martin

Martin Clunes plays Doctor Martin Ellingham in the British medical comedy-drama television series Doc Martin. Dominic Minghella modeled it after the Dr. Martin Bamford character from the 2000 comedy Saving Grace. Most of the interior sequences were recorded in a converted local barn for the show, set in the fictitious coastal community of Portwenn, and filmed on location in the United Kingdom.

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