Tricks for iPhone That You Did Not Know

Apps can have many features, so you need to know them well to use them as you like.

There are numerous tricks for an iPhone. The most common problems with the mobile are usually solved with a couple of tips.

For example, something that is constantly searched on the internet is what to do if your mobile gets wet in the rain or with any liquid that falls on it.

There are also secrets of an iPhone that only works for this brand. If you want to know ten of the iPhone 10 tricks, precisely because it is one of the most sought-after mobiles today, keep reading!

List of 10 tricks for iPhone

In many cases, the mobile phone companies themselves develop suggestions for consumers to utilize their products.

These are typically beneficial since they allow you to either extend the number of ways your terminal may be used or utilize the same tools more quickly and intuitively.

There is no question that the iPhone corporation is at the forefront of the technology industry to make its gadgets more user-friendly. To become a part of this and ensure that you do not lose out on any of the features of your iPhone, make a note of the following suggestions.

Tricks for iPhone that you did not know

  1. Apple can help you save power if you want to sleep with music. You may set the music to cease after a few minutes of inactivity. Calculate how long it generally takes you to fall asleep and program it accordingly. Set the timer in the Clock app to halt playing when done.
  2. If your hands are quicker than your head, Safari remembers your closed tabs. Press and hold the tab switch icon (bottom right) to do so. You’ll get a pop-up window to restore closed accounts.
  3. Your phone’s settings allow you to assign various vibrations to different messaging programs or contacts by selecting ringtones messages and vibrating in the noise area of the phone’s settings. Example: It will inform you of who is speaking to you while holding your phone in your pocket during a meeting or which app is sending you alerts.
  4. The Health app on your Apple device is quite helpful. In the case of an accident, you may configure your smartphone so that vital medical information can be accessed without having to unlock it in an emergency. The medical data from the application must be entered, and new ones must be created while selecting the “See when blocked” option that displays at the beginning of the application. All of this information will be shown if you press the SOS button on the locked screen.
  5. Text messages may be replaced with walk-and-write messages if you like writing important letters while walking. Navigate to the Settings menu. From there, go to the General > Keyboard > Text Replacement menu option. Using a “yes,” for example, you may instruct your cell phone to read it as “I’m coming.” As a result, everybody waiting for you will be aware that you will arrive in a few minutes.
  6. If you prefer to switch up your appearance and your phone can’t tell the difference between you and someone who looks like you, you may add a second face to your Face ID to unlock the terminal. Alternate passcodes may be configured in the Settings menu under Face ID & Passcode.
  7. You may read documents into the Notes app using the Notes app. This function allows you to get the most out of your phone. Use of the scanner requires you to first press the camera button with a message written on it and then tap on “Scan Documents.” You will need to place the document in the reader to be processed.
  8. You may copy and paste text from your real-world environment into the Camera application. It would help if you first opened the document viewer by touching where it reads “Text” and then scan the bottom right corner while clicking “Copy” to ensure that it remains in the document viewer.
  9. If you like fast tricks, you’ll appreciate the ability to shut numerous programs simultaneously. Slide two or three fingers together at the same time to do this.
  10. If you like photography, you will appreciate locating what you are searching for at any moment. Pinch the screen in Photos to make it go faster: it will be organized by days, months, and years as you zoom in.

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