Top Three Things to do in Melba, Belconnen

Best 3 Things to do With Your Friends in Melba, Belconnen

Melba was the most vital performing suburb of Canberra in 2019. Melba is known for its friendly and joyful nature. If you’re a fan of sports, Melba should definitely be on your visit list!

1. Canberra BMX Club

A great club has a friendly atmosphere and encourages people of all ages. You can ride it as long as you have a bike: beginner, pro, all on the same track! It’s a beautiful area with an exceptional atmosphere. It is the perfect place to get a feel for the site, do some sightseeing, and stay fit at the same time.

2. Melba Tennis Club

Melba tennis club has many facilities that can keep you satisfied. It’s the perfect place for a hit and great vibes with flat and spacious areas. The scenery is spectacular. If you love to get close and admire nature, Melba delivers its best. Take a break and come to the Melba tennis club grounds to relax and enjoy the quiet views.

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3. Delhi to Canberra

Authentic food, great staff, and plenty of room. The Indian restaurant is never too noisy and is perfect for relaxing and enjoyment. Here you can find the hidden Indian gem! There is definitely nothing ordinary about this superb place, Excellent for relaxing and provides explicit food. It’s definitely worth the visit. Venture to the Delhi to Canberra Indian restaurant, and you’ll find an assortment of different types of meals to satisfy your taste buds.

Did You Know?

“Melba” is primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means “wealthy.”

See Melba Differently

The many sporting facilities and stunning scenery make it one of the best tourist attractions to visit, making it the town’s most significant asset! Melba is definitely a place that’s worth the visit. You can experience various beautiful activities and views.

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