Top Three Attractions in Fraser, Belconnen

Best Tourist Attractions to Visit in Fraser, Belconnen

Fraser is filled with spacious homes with wide and quiet streets. There’s plenty of green space and remarkable natural surroundings, great bushwalks, and lots of space.

1. Mount Rogers

Follow the walking track along the area, and you’ll be wowed by the beautiful views of the lakes of Ginninderra, the Brindabella Ranges, and Hall. It’s a great place for kids with energy to burn. Keep an eye out for parrots and tawny frogmouths who regularly visit the area!

Things to do:

  • Walking tracks
  • Nature appreciation
  • Bird watching
  • Dog walks

Did you know?

Mt. Rogers has been an off-lead dog space for over 40 years!

2. Parks in Wynn Street

Perfect for families to bring their children to play and relax. Lots of seating, and it’s a lovely quiet area. You can take relaxing strolls along the beautiful paths with spectacular views and atmosphere. The park in Wynn street is never too noisy and is perfect for relaxing and enjoying.

This is an excellent option for little ones, as there is plenty of room to move around a well as a playground.

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3. Kate’s Katering and Her Van

This is where most of the locals get their caffeine fixed. These days her van is quite popular around the suburb and also gives a friendly vibe!

The Story Behind Kate’s Katering and Her Van

Kate started the coffee van when she noticed many parents and grandparents drop their kids off at school. They like to meet for a cuppa sometimes, then her idea blossomed.

See Fraser Differently

Fraser homes are primarily of 1970’s designs, wide streets, and quiet neighbourhoods. It’s the perfect place to relax, primarily for families! If you’re looking for a peaceful, enjoyable place to visit, Fraser should definitely be on your bucket list.

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