Top Three Attractions in Tharwa, Canberra

3 Must See Attractions in Tharwa, Canberra

The area has easy access to various facilities. You can get anything you need at their groceries and shops. There’s plenty of green space and remarkable natural surroundings, great bushwalks, and lots of space. Visit once to experience the lovely area and be forever amazed!

1. Barracks Espresso Bar And Eating House

Authentic food, great staff, and plenty of room. There is definitely nothing ordinary about this superb place, Excellent for relaxing and provides explicit food. It’s definitely worth the visit. Venture to the Barracks Espresso Bar and eating house, and you’ll find an assortment of different types of meals to satisfy your taste buds.

2. Tharwa Bridge

You can take relaxing strolls along the beautiful paths with spectacular views and atmosphere. An excellent place for a swim, nice and shallow. This is a beautiful, preserved and original location, a scarce combination in the 21st century. It is never too noisy and is perfect for relaxing and enjoying. This is an excellent option for little ones, as there is plenty of room to move around and burn their energy.

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3. Clarries

This is Tharwa’s hidden gem! Clarries delivers the best in town with open kitchens where you can see everything being made fresh. Lots of seating, and it’s a lovely quiet area. You’ll find a mix of different types of meals to satisfy your taste buds! The sound of the food is just splendid.

Did You Know?

Tharwa was one of the oldest settlements in the Australian Capital Territory in 1862!

See Tharwa Differently

Tharwa is a beautiful suburb on the outskirts of Canberra. It’s got absolutely stand out local shops, lovely green spaces and atmospheres! Tharwa makes it one of the best tourist attractions to visit with its stunning scenery and facilities, making it the town’s most significant asset!

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