How to get Permanent Residence in Australia as a Skilled Worker – Employer Nomination Scheme

Procedure to get Permanent Residence in Australia as a Skilled Worker through Employer Nomination Scheme

One of the ways to get a permanent residence in Australia is through the Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186).

This is a visa that offers permanent residence for skilled workers. With it, you get the opportunity to work in Australia under one of three streams:

  • The Agreement stream
  • The Direct Entry stream
  • The Temporary Residence Transition stream

The Agreement stream is used by people sponsored by an employer via a negotiated formal labour agreement

The Temporary Residence Transition stream is used by people who have been employed in the country for at least two years while still in possession of the subclass 457 visa. Their current employer may want to offer them a permanent position in the occupation and thus chooses to nominate them.

The Direct Entry stream is used by any of the following categories:

  • people who have been nominated by their employer under the Direct Entry stream
  • people who have either worked in Australia briefly or have never been an Australian employee
  • temporary residents who do not qualify for the Temporary Residence Transition stream

With the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS), Australian employers are able to nominate skilled oversees workers to take up position that the current Australian labor market or employer’s own training programs is less-equipped to hold.


The nominated positions must be enlisted on the ENS List of Occupations, available on a full-time basis of not less than 3 years and pay at least the minimum salary as guided by the government Gazette Notice. In addition, these positions must offer appropriate working conditions with respect to the Australian workplace legislation.

The ENS Stages

There are two distinct stages involved in the ENS:

  • Stage 1: employer nomination
  • Stage 2: visa application by nominee


To qualify for this visa, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Be a nominee of an approved Australian employer
  • Be younger than 50 years (but some exemptions are existent here)
  • Satisfy the skills, qualifications and English language (again exemptions are available here)
  • Apply under the stream through which you were nominated

Follow this link to apply

What this Visa Entails

The Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186) is for skilled workers who want to work in Australia. As highlighted above, this is a two-step visa starting with employer nomination followed by nominee application. It falls under the Permanent Employer Sponsored Visa programme.

When making application for ENS, you can be either inside Australia or outside. If you are within the country, be sure to have a substantive visa or a bridging visa A, B or C.


Please Note

You are only legible to apply for this visa if an Australian employer has nominated you.

If you lack an employer to nominate you, submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) via SkillSelect. This will expose you to prospective employers or state and territory governments who will go through your application and possibly nominate you for skilled migration.

You are also required to be in possession of a valid passport as well as travel document. For those intending to get new passport, make that a priority and then apply for the visa. You can visit our country’s offices to get the passport.

Can you include family in your application?


The following are the people you can include in th visa application during the lodging time:

  • Your partner
  • your child/step-child or your partner’s child/step-child

You have to prove your relationship with the said parties by presenting the relevant documents. Just like you, all the included parties have to prove they meet the health and character requirements.

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