Top Three Attractions in Holt, Belconnen

Must-See Tourist Places For You to Visit in Holt, Belconnen

Holt is a stunning little suburb located in the west of Belconnen and has many places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences. This is a great place for people to enjoy.

1. Magpies Belconnen Golf Club

Great views, yummy food, and friendly staff! Their food is delicious, fresh, fast, and well worth it! It’s a great and cozy place to come in for a meal with a brilliant atmosphere. It boasts beautiful scenery and is filled with many facilities.

Did you know?

Magpies Belconnen golf club has a band every 3rd week on Fridays! Call up to find out which one is on.

2. Raiders Belconnen

This is the perfect place to stop and have a relaxing mealtime. Good services, good coffee, seniors discounts, and a friendly atmosphere. The kitchen is always busy with creating delicious meals and foods. They have extensive choices of beers and meals to pick from.

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3. Holt Playground

This is a great place to get a feel for the area, do some sightseeing, and stay fit at the same time. Take a break and come to the Holt playgrounds to relax by the quiet views and let your kids play on the grounds!

See Holt Differently

Plenty of greenery and beautiful sceneries to watch; Holt is definitely worth the visit.

Holt is great for:

  • Neighborly spirits
  • Recreations and parks
  • Safe and sound
  • Public areas

Abounded by rolling hills and views, people love visiting there because Holt is well established and has just the right amount to offer!

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