Top Three Attractions in Evatt, Belconnen

Best Places to Visit in Evatt, Belconnen

Evatt is an excellent place for families. It has a great community vibe. The plenty of parks and walking areas and superb places to have a meal makes it the town’s most significant asset!

 Evatt just has too much to offer.

1. El Retiro Art Gallery

Discover where arts come to life at the El Retiro art gallery. The gallery’s stunning arts offer visitors a. Extraordinary place to explore people’s rich and diverse abilities. There are different ranges of arts and architecture, plenty to look around at! This is a great place to spend an hour or two wandering through galleries and being absorbed into some genuinely spectacular artworks.

2. Evatt Park Bexley

Visit the exciting playground at Evatt! The design for the park caters to all children up to 12 years. It’s perfect for families to let their children do their thing while sitting back and relaxing at the benches.


  • Nature zone play
  • Formal and informal seating
  • Links to existing internal park paths

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3. Herberts at Evatt

Have perfectly cooked pies at the herberts at Evatt restaurant while feeling the cool breezes and calming atmosphere. It includes a local pub where almost everything is available! Their food is delicious, fresh, fast, and well worth it! It’s a great and cozy place to come in for a meal with a brilliant atmosphere.

Features of herberts at Evatt:

  • Takeaway
  • Food delivery
  • Friendly staff
  • Kids play area
  • Party organizations, including weddings, anniversaries, and many more

Fun Fact

Evatt was named after Herbert Vere Evatt, who was the justice of the high courts of Australia!

See Evatt Differently

The family-friendly suburb is filled with many beautiful views and facilities to boost your energy. If you are looking for a quiet and nature-filled place to relax and enjoy, Evatt is the perfect fit!

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