Top 5 Life Changing Technologies in 2016

Life Changing Technologies in 2016: There is one thing constant about the world, that technology is always changing. We are living in an era, where technology is attaining a new level of perfection and advancement with time.

2015 is almost done and 2016 is standing right in front of us. IT has great effects on our lives and activities. There is nothing which is not somehow related or associated with technology.

List of Top 5 Life Changing Technologies in 2016

2016 is bringing some more innovative and mind boggingly awesome technologies. I am sure these tech trends are going to change the way we are living.

Check out top tech trends and technologies which are going to be launched in 2016.

1- Information Of Everything:

There is an app or device out there to assist in our daily routine activities. Whether it is a call or text or video or documentation, just pick something and there is a smart device for it. The Information Of Everything is being designed to help us in bringing all data in one place. More precisely, Information Of Everything is a web of data. Right now we are experiencing vast tech changes and this is only possible with tons of data. I am imagining how will be the peak of data with Information Of Everything!

2- Brain Controlled Computing:

Brain is the most fascinating creation of nature. Everything we make has existence because of our ability to think beyond expectations. And this is only possible because of the brain we have. Brain controlled computing will allow people to control machines through their thoughts. With effective brain controlled computing, a person just has to think instead of physical movement. This type of computing is a perfect case scenario for disable persons. Just imagine disabled person have the ability to think, their life would be much easier with this technology.

3- A Device Mesh:

A Device Mesh is something similar to Information Of Everything. With A Device Mesh, people will forget about smart device. What a Device Mesh does? A Device Mesh extracts data from all interconnected smart devices like phone, laptop, wearable tech gadgets, TVs, home sensors even dashboard of your car. The main focus here is to give access to all smart devices through one single channel.

4- 3D Printing:

Well, 3D printing is not a new thing. What is new in 3D printing is the innovations happening! WE can say, 3D printing is giving birth to new industrial age. Before 3D printing, no one could ever think of producing something from printing. This journey was started with 2D to 3D to now bio printing. Every industry, whether it is engineering or medicine or pharmaceutical or designing, 3D printing has applications for every niche. Right now, engineers are focusing on bio printing. They are trying to print food for making edible meals. That’s interesting!

5- Advanced Machine Learning:

Advanced machine learning is upcoming trend in 2016. With machine learning, computers can automate data using deep neural nets or DNNs. DNNs let computers act on their own and make decisions. Simply, it is the foundation behind artificial intelligence.

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