Top 5 Best Books like Shatter Me

Shatter Me

Nobody is aware of the source of Juliette’s extraordinary ability. It seems like a curse, a weight that no one individual could possibly carry by themselves. However, The Reestablishment views it as a gift and sees her as a chance. a chance for a lethal weapon.

Author: Tahereh Mafi

Here are our personal top picks of other good romance books like Shatter Me that will surely get you hooked. Hope you’ll find a good fit to your taste!

(1) Haunting Adeline

Anyone who allows me can have their emotions controlled.
I will make you ache, sigh, cry, laugh, and hurt.
But he is unaffected by my statements. Particularly not when I beg him to go.

Author: H. D. Carlton 




(2)Dance of Thieves

They become directly involved in a conflict that could cost them their lives—and their hearts—when an outlaw commander encounters a former burglar.

Author: Mary E. Pearson




(3) Caraval

Tella, Scarlett’s devoted sister, and their ruthless father reside on a small island that Scarlett has never left. Scarlett now believes that her hopes of attending Caraval, the distant, yearly play in which the audience takes part, are over because her father has arranged for her to get married.

Author: Stephanie Garber



(4) The Fine Print

I should have been fired for submitting a proposal while intoxicated that criticized the most costly ride at Dreamland.

Author: Lauren Asher




(5) Daughter of No Worlds

Tisaanah was uprooted from her own land as a young kid, and she learnt how to survive by using her razor-sharp wit and a dash of magic. However, she barely makes it out alive the night she tries to buy her freedom.

Author: Carissa Broadbent


Best Books to Read Like Shatter Me

That was fast! I hope the above books give you the excitement to grab the book of your choice. If you find Shatter Me interesting, the other four books will provide the same thrill!

Let us know how you feel. Write your comments below on books that you have enjoyed similar to Shatter Me

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