Top 5 Best Books like Safe Haven

Safe Haven

The abrupt appearance of Katie, a mystery young woman, in the little North Carolina town of Southport prompts inquiries about her past. When a series of circumstances forces Katie into two hesitant relationships—one with Alex, a widowed business owner with a kind heart and two young children, and another with her blunt, single neighbor Jo—she first appears determined to avoid forging intimate bonds. Despite her fears, Katie gradually starts to let her guard down as she establishes roots in the small community and grows closer to Alex and his family.

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Here are our personal top picks of other good romance books like Safe Haven that will surely get you hooked. Hope you’ll find a good fit to your taste!

(1)A Thread Unbroken

Even in the face of immense obstacles and a dishonest court system, Chai’s father, Jun, is driven by the same steadfast hope as he pursues the girls and attempts to return them to their family. The number of days since the girls were abducted quickly increases to weeks and months, but Chai’s spirit and Jun’s commitment are unshakeable.

Author: Kay Bratt



When Audrey travels across the Atlantic on the opulent Queen Mary, she meets James and Violet Hawthorne, who will introduce her to an elite group of artists and exiles. And it is they who will introduce her to Charles Parker-Scott, a man with a restless curiosity and contradictory wants for connection and independence, in whom Audrey will eventually identify a twin soul. They will spend a lovely summer together in Cap d’Antibes before embarking on an adventure on the Orient Express that will take them to a lonely outpost in China.

Author: Danielle Steel

(3)While My Sister Sleeps

Sisters Molly and Robin Snow are in the prime of their lives. It is therefore completely unexpected for Molly to learn that Robin has had a severe heart attack. The Snow family learns at the hospital that Robin might never regain consciousness. As Robin’s family struggles to cope, feelings of guilt and jealousy flare up. It’s up to Molly to make the difficult choices, and she quickly learns things that cause some of her most cherished notions about the sister she thought she knew to fall apart.

Author: Barbara Delinsky


(4) The Last Honest Woman

The husband of Abigail O’Hurley Rockwell was a legendary driver in the world of racing cars, winning championships with a daring talent and speed that took his life in a terrible and, some could argue, reckless crash. Abby, who has recently lost her husband, only wants to raise her two sons in peace. However, writer Dylan Crosby is writing a book about the life of her iconic husband in an effort to reveal the man’s secret background. However, Abby is not the type of spoiled trophy wife Dylan can readily seduce. Even if their passions for one another are headed inexorably in the same direction, she is a woman of integrity and mystery who is trying to keep him at a distance.

Author: Nora Roberts 


(5) A Time to Serve

No matter how much Clyde adores his new wife, he must fulfill his military obligations. Months prior, Shawn Cooper, his cousin, enlisted in preparation for the impending conflict. He regales Clyde with tales of his exploits with the paratroopers, a new and experimental branch of the US Army. Soon after, Clyde enlists in the Airborne, hoping that the extended training regimen will endure longer than the conflict.

Author: Chris Glatte


Best Books to Read Like Safe Haven 

That was fast! I hope the above books give you the excitement to grab the book of your choice. If you find Safe Haven interesting, the other four books will provide the same thrill!

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