Top 20 Weirdest Fiverr Services

Top 20 Weirdest Fiverr Gigs

Freelancers from all over the world are increasingly earning a living by executing jobs that may be completed remotely. And, although it may be tempting to attempt to get out of your 9 to 5 – especially during that awful Monday morning drive — you may find yourself wondering what you might possibly achieve.

Sites like Fiverr are a godsend. It’s the epitome of a freelancing marketplace where anything (and we mean anything) may be posted. Sure, some consumers are looking for more “conventional” services like graphic design or web development. However, there are plenty of gigs that are completely out of this world.

To be honest, we’ve spent considerable time on Fiverr. You’d be astonished at many of the stuff people supply – and others but – if you looked through the 500,000+ employment advertisements. What must we say to you, in your opinion? Use the samples below to come up with ideas for a money-making skill!

1)  Cast love spells

I simply had to place this at the top of my priority list. In the year 2020, someone is generating money as a sorcerer! Do you think you’ve got what it takes to compete with her? She has almost 1090 5-star ratings, which is rather impressive. It’s true, no exaggeration. If you ever need aid with your love life, Maedan will cast love charms for you. She claims she’s been doing it for years. The reviews aren’t deceiving. She has a lot of satisfied customers.

She offers three packages: a normal love spell package to boost your beauty, an expert love spell package to reignite an old flame with more powerful spells, and a master love spell package if you want something more long-term. This isn’t, however, the strangest gig you’ll find on Fiverr.

2)  I will scream your name into a bush

I’ve always considered Fiverr to be the place to go when I needed writing for my blog or proofreading for my documents. When I saw this one, everything changed.

Someone offered to yell my name into a bush if I wanted. This is the only service I’ve ever considered paying for on Fiverr. He can shout more than just your name into a bush. Other things you can get e Russets to shout are song lyrics, bird cries, and birthday wishes. He may also promote your blog, YouTube channel, or any other product you want to promote. He has over 60 5-star ratings, indicating that customers are prepared to pay for his services.

3)  Send stuff from your home country

You can do this if you reside somewhere where receiving stuff from home is difficult. Maybe you have goods that people want but can’t find easily on the internet. You can offer to buy items from people’s native nations that they value and transport them to them. This might be a rewarding position.

Many individuals adore these objects because they hold sentimental importance for them. And profound feelings like this can’t be measured in dollars. I’ve only seen this gig on Fiverr. You now know. It is possible, therefore, to begin to consider creating something similar to this.

4)  Do voice messages as a famous wrestler

Are you ready to go toe-to-toe? Many WWE fans are on the lookout for opportunities like this. Mikeimburgia will send you a customised greeting in the guise of Macho Man or Hulk Hogan. Road Rash, The Duck Hunter, Lucifer, Dirty Santa, Movie Monster, and others are some of his other voice identities. Do you think you can match his voice?

On Fiverr, try making voice impressions. They are really popular. This method may be used to convey a variety of messages. It doesn’t have to be all about ‘happy birthdays.’ You may create party invitations, video intros, podcast promotions, and anything else you can think of.

5)  Bring peoples ex’s back

Want him/her back so badly that you’ll go to any length for a second chance? There is no need to be concerned. You’re in good hands with Mystic Zoe. She is a white magic and energy healing instructor and practitioner. She prays, meditates, and casts spells to resurrect your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, as multiple satisfied customers claim.

Zoe promises that she can not only assist you in bringing him/her back, but also in bringing her back for good. I’m not sure how this works. Inquire of her or her admirers. They know everything there is to know. She has all of the five-star reviews to prove it.

6)  Teach people to telepathically communicate with their pets

Animal-energies will show you how to interact naturally with your pets. He’s a cat expert, a licensed dog trainer, a rescue volunteer, and a published author. This man can teach you how to interact with your dogs telepathically.’ He can have you conversing and sharing ideas with any animal, including birds, dogs, cats, and reptiles. This is something you can accomplish as well. Why not give it a shot if you have a strong affinity for and understanding of animals? On Fiverr, people are eager to pay.

Clearly, we all require a strong bond with our dogs, which is not simple to achieve. Someone needs to show us how to do it. People are likely to respond positively to your plea for assistance in ‘talking’ to your dogs.

7)  Drawing people as mermaids

Do you ever fantasise about what you would look like as a mermaid? You’ve gotten yourself out of the gloom. Yes, it’s odd, yet people do purchase these items nowadays. Allanterart (a Fiverr service provider) will create a mermaid portrait for you.

It doesn’t need to be you. On a certain occasion, one of them might be used to surprise a friend or family member. Simply provide the designer an email with a clean and crisp frontal picture of the victim’s headshot, and he or she will take care of the rest.

The final product is a $5 JPEG file of a full-colour 4″x5″ mermaid illustration. What legendary creatures pique your interest? Centaurs, to be precise. It’s a lot of fun to draw humans in the shape of centaurs. You’ll be thankful to me afterward.

8)  I will make a fly google earth video for your location

Have you ever wondered where YouTube and travel vloggers acquire their films’ exact zoom-ins or fly-ins? You now know where they originate. For $10, this gig promises to create zoom-ins for any area on the planet. He’s a GIS specialist, and his job entails tinkering with maps.

These movies may be used for a variety of purposes, including your business location, restaurant location, company location, home location, and so on. Background music, any photos you wish to include, text, and so on are all included in these videos.

9)  I will photoshop you, add muscles to your body to boost your confidence, and also make funny edits

He’s an expert in Adobe Photoshop and can make you seem great in images. I had no idea there was such a thing as a ‘professional’ in this field. Cab design, on the other hand, will assist you in achieving the toned physique you’ve always desired. Perhaps you’ll see yourself after the transition and be inspired to achieve the physique of your dreams.

Spenser max will create strange, meme-like alterations of any photos you send him. He can create something completely out of the blue, or you can give him a general concept of what you want. It’s entirely up to you to decide. The goal is to create something amusing.

10) Become a boatman and deliver exclusive messages to people

This Boatman will speak whatever you want for up to 50 words. I’m guessing he does it on an inflatable boat inside his house. That’s odd, isn’t it? That is not an issue. He has a large following.

He’s obviously doing something well because he has over 300 5-star reviews. Have you considered what you’d like him to say? There is no need to rush. In my perspective, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

11) Create personalised Hogwarts acceptance letters

You’ve undoubtedly longed to get admitted to Hogwarts if you’re a Harry Potter fan. The castle, mysterious creatures, and, most importantly, magic are all present in this story. I wish that were all true at times. Someone is putting forth a lot of effort to make it all come to life.

These people will make you customise Harry Potter world paperwork, such as the Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, the List of Hogwarts Requirements, and a Ministry of Magic Letter. You’ll also get a personalised Hogwarts Express ticket and a unique Knight Bus Ticket. Everything comes in a customised envelope. If you’re an artist or illustrator, you can probably do it. There is no need for you to fill out any Harry Potter papers. Which universe are you going to choose?

12) Become a prankster

Do you think of yourself as a prankster? If so, why not try selling your talents on Fiverr? There is a high demand for them. People are willing to pay you to play practical pranks on their friends or simply to do something crazy and amusing.

Simply visit Everything is in one spot. Why not go a step further? You might even make this a full-time business by starting a prank series on Youtube and submitting your prank videos there. I’m not sure what’s wrong with any of us, but this is precisely the type of thing we like.

13) I will dance as a silver statue to your music

Are you looking for a way to promote your music? This guy will assist you with marketing by creating a 30-second video in which he dances to your music while dressed as a silver statue. You may utilise his films to advertise your music on social media, or you can create your own music video. He gives you the option of choosing the location and duration of the music video.

14) I will speak your message in the cartoon voice of your choice

This guy can do the voices of over fifty different cartoon characters. Rick and Morty, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Looney Tunes…done he’s it all. He has over 2000 5-star reviews and has been doing this for quite some time (since 2010). What exactly do you require to be said? He’ll be the guy for the job if you give him a 50-word screenplay.

15) Create epic videos like a mad outlaw biker

Mikeimburgia’s Road Rash is back, and it’s better than ever. He’s more enraged than ever and he’s all set to get on his Harley and deliver some important messages to you. You may utilise his services to send out party invitations, create personalised birthday notes, and even promote your Fiverr gigs.

Do you think you can outshine him as a vocal personality? I believe you possess the necessary qualifications. You may build hundreds of different voices and personas for yourself. So, what’s keeping you here? Get started right away!

16) Trace people’s family trees and have Jesus deliver customised video messages

Isn’t it amazing? Someone who claims to be able to track down your long-lost relatives. This one understood the value of family relationships.

We don’t pay much consideration to our forefathers, but I feel we should. As a result, you’ll know who you’re patterning yourself after, and so on. This service is also available on Fiverr. This must be seen to be believed. You check your inbox and see a video message from Jesus. If you’re starting to have doubts, it’s not the real Jesus. You may, however, check it out for yourself.

17) I will provide 50 tinder openers and I will describe your future love

Another wonderful example of a merchant who studied popular culture and discovered a need that a significant number of people are prepared to pay for. Rishabh Sharma is just where he should be.

Because the majority of relationships currently begin on dating apps, it’s no surprise that there are so many popular services promising to help you develop the perfect dating profile or even learn how to flirt through text. We’ve come full circle, and this feels like a great place to conclude because it all started with love. I’m not sure where LifeSolutions7 got his inspiration – it sounds a bit shady – but a dozen optimistic romantics have already paid a few dollars for a peep into their future romantic life.

18) I will cover a song of your choice with puppets

Alex and Dan have produced another appealing and imaginative product that just takes a few simple materials. The capacity to accept unusual orders distinguishes certain gigs from others. Rather than selling your own melodies or designs, whether you’re a talented artist or musician, let the purchasers decide! This is an excellent chance to broaden your horizons while showing your uniqueness.

19) I will teach you to fight and defend yourself

Another concert we were astonished to find offered as a remote service. And yet, it makes perfect sense! People pay for self-defense lessons all the time – and they pay a lot more than $5. Why not learn from a pro in the privacy of your own home? One of Doc Beaker’s key offers is a handbook he wrote — he just had to do it once, and then he makes free money on every purchase with almost little work.

20) I will have fun reading out your scripts as the macho man or hulk hogan WWE Wrestling

This merchant will record a 30-second script for you, whether it’s a birthday greeting, a party invitation, or a podcast promotion. He even offers to assist you to compose the message if you’re at a loss for words.

Many suppliers provide basic packages as well as a slew of alternative add-ons that can rapidly add up to a higher price. Mike Imburgia, for example, charges a few dollars extra for sound effects, several voices, or longer scripts.

The Bottom Line

There is a market for almost anything out there. Spend some time considering what you can accomplish, but also looking for something that isn’t currently readily available. The less competition there is, the more probable it is that you will succeed. Just make sure it doesn’t violate Fiverr’s terms of service, or you’ll be removed from the platform.

What does Fiverr not permit? To be honest, not much. Adult-oriented services, as well as anything aggressive or dishonest, are the only things you cannot provide. You’re also not permitted to overtly replicate someone else’s gig, so you’ll have to get inventive.

After you’ve chosen your concept, the following step is to make sure your jobs stand out – especially if you’re just getting started and need a few positive evaluations. What’s not to like about these odd Fiverr jobs? It just goes to show that you can make $5 doing about anything nowadays. So, if you have any crazy ideas, don’t be afraid to put them to the test. As bizarre as they are, I don’t think they’re as bizarre as these 20 bizarre Fiverr gigs.

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