Top 10 Mining Shares to Buy in Australia in 2020

Ten Mining Shares to Consider Buying in 2020

Any investor that investigates mining shares to buy are influenced by commodity prices which in turn are driven by the demand by the Chinese. Despite economic uncertainty mines replace volume instead of developing new capacity which makes the choice easier. Especially with the ASX 200 that surged with over 110% per cent over the past year, investors are hopeful for the future of mining shares as well. While mining share continues to rise it is expected to shoot higher throughout 2019 and certainly great investment opportunities.

Top 10 Australian Mining Shares For 2020

1. Fortescue Metals Group

The consensus target price is $4.69 while the dividend yield is estimated at 6% and market capitalisation at $12.5 billion. For over a decade the sales to China have been around 59% iron ore. Fortescue continues to lower its production cost and it can absorb lower prices. Fortescue is poised for dividend growth and earnings over the next couple of years which is an excellent investment opportunity for new and current investors.

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2. South32

The consensus target price is $4.21 with the estimated dividend yield at 85 and market capitalisation at $16.2 billion. The mining shares are a collaboration of zinc, nickel, manganese and non-core aluminium mining.

3. Whitehaven Coal

The consensus target price is $6.00 while the estimated dividend yield is 11% and market capitalisation at $4.4 billion. The company shipped 20 million tonnes of premium-priced coal in 2018, while it increased over 2019 to between 22 and 23 million tonnes. For 2020 it is looking even more promising and the right time to invest.

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4. Dacian Gold

The consensus target price is $3.10 while the estimated dividend yield is undisclosed, but market capitalisations are at $490 million. Even though Dacian Gold is a newcomer that only started producing gold in 2018, it purchased the established Mount Morgan’s mine in Western Australia in 2012 and well on its way to move to the top and to watch out in 2020.

5. Metals X

The consensus target price is at 82.5 cents with the estimated dividend yield at 2.5% and market capitalisation at $272 million. While it is a major tin mining company it also produces copper in Western Australia.

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6. New Century Resources

Experts love to suggest New Century Resources as the cheapest cash generator with its share price of $1.30. it only started generating its zinc at the Queensland Century Zinc Mine with a new budget with the new yield in August 2018, but worth checking out in 2020. The market capitalisation of the New Century is around $499 million.

7. Argosy Mineral Limited

The share prices for Argosy Mineral Limited increased by 4.26% to 25 cents with a market capitalisation of $222 million. 8. AVZ Minerals Ltd. AVZ Minerals Limited’s share prices rose by 2.15% and currently stands at 9.5 cents. The company reports indicated that it increasingly gets higher-grade mineral resource results from the drilling at Manono Lithium drilling. The market capitalisation is at $179 million.

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9. Kidman Resources

With investors investigating new mining share to buy in 2020, Kidman Resources is well worth investing in. It continues to deliver strong project feasibilities after selling its European Cobalt holdings.

10. Agrimin Limited

Agrimin Limited share prices are at 89 cents and the risk-reward is on the upside and it is consistently maintaining a high-conviction position. This is a potassium sulphate mining share to buy in 2020.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to mining shares to buy in 2020, continue to read updated reports throughout 2019 and check its rise and fall throughout the year. Deep research and knowledge is your key to mining share investment.



This article provides only general, and not personalised financial advice, and has not taken your personal circumstances into account.  Please remember that investments can go up and down. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Australia Unwrapped does not guarantee the performance of, or returns on any investment. This article should be enjoyed only for informational and entertainment purposes.

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