Top 10 Liveliest Cities in Australia in 2023

Australia’s Party Capitals in 2023

When you are making your travel guide for a tour to Australia in 2023, make sure to include a list of cities which are worth visiting. The country is a place to diverse landscapes, from snow-capped peaks and mountains to dry sweeping deserts, Australia has it all. The climate of the region further ensures that you can visit the country any time of the year. There is so much to see and so much to do in the city, that your trip will be worth it. In this article, we will discuss the most incredible destinations in Australia to travel, explore and play. The article covers 10 of the liveliest cities in Australia and the reasons to visit these places. Without further ado, let’s get into this review. Check the best cities to visit in Australia on

1. Sydney

Top 10 Liveliest Cities in Australia in 2020

Sydney, the liveliest city in Australia is not just a city, it has supreme class beaches, a lit nightlife, and one of the most picturesque skylines on the planet. The centre of the city has the biggest population which is the beating heart of the region. The city is surrounded by natural beauty and serenity, which you can experience through a ferry ride or on foot. And the city has everything to make your tour a lot of fun. The city offers pub-heavy districts of The Rocks, Potts Point, the adventurous red-light district Kings Cross and many glitzy clubs of the city. It can be said that Sydney provides a Californian coastal feel with a mentality of the centre of the world. Sydney also offers you better weather as compared to Melbourne. Visit Manly of Bondi Beach, hipster hoods of Surry Hills, University of Sydney, beachside suburbs and much more during your tour.

2. Melbourne

Going on holiday to Melbourne is a dream of many and it is easy to see why. Melbourne, along with Sydney makes up to 40% of the population of Australia. The city stands as the cultural and food capital of Australia. The beautiful art in the streets and eateries gives a European feel. The city has the best music clubs and bars. It also constitutes the largest arena for Aussie Rules Football. Melbourne is a place for real foodies. The public transport is better as well as cheaper in Melbourne when compared to Sydney. You can wander in Melbourne’s Victorian architecture all day long while hitting into the funky cafes and coffee bars. Melbourne is a great city to visit and if you want to enjoy food, you can get all of the types in Melbourne.

3. Brisbane

1.	Colourful beaches for surfing Story Bridge, Brisbane, Night, Lights


Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, also known as the Sunshine State of Australia. It is the third largest city in Australia. As the name of the state suggests, the city is blessed to have a beautiful climate all around the year. The city is located on the banks of the Brisbane river. Brisbane is also known as the music capital of the world, due to its talented local musicians. In Brisbane, it is impossible to stay at home, due to a number of outdoor activities. From hiking to climbing and kayaking to biking, you can enjoy it all in Brisbane. The music venues, restaurants and bars in the Brisbane, which are located on the banks of the river, spread out from the waterfront and adds to the beauty of the city. The place has a vibrant and dynamic culture which is full of positivity.

4. Gold Coast

The Gold Coast in Australia serves as the closest thing to Miami. The city owns more than 90 miles of coastline soaked in sunshine. The coastal strip in the city is glitzy making it liveliest with all kinds of water sports. Gold Coast can be considered as the playground for watersports. It offers lit yacht parties. You can enjoy surfing on the Miami beach with the bikini-clad meter maids. The beaches in the city are clean and if you need a break from the madness of the Gold Coast, you can always spend some time in the rainforest. The most exciting thing about touring in this city is Fraser island, in which you can spend your night while camping and cruise the beaches of the largest sand island in the world in Landrover.

5. Canberra

Canberra, 3.	All types of entertainment in this city

Canberra the most beautifully planned and one of the liveliest city in Australia in the capital of the country too. It is known to be a fantastic place to spend quality time with your loved ones in Australia. The city is young, and is basically inhabited by politicians as well as civil servants. If you love architecture and history, then the place is for you. The city constitutes a lot of museums, galleries and monuments for tourists. The nightlife of Canberra is very lively with a number of restaurants and bars. You can choose your outings based on your preferences. Although there are many outdoor activities in Canberra, the most visited place is Namadgi National Park.

6. Adelaide

Adelaide can be considered as a big country town rather than a bustling metropolis. It is one of the five major cities of Australia having a population of more than one million. Although the city constitutes a casino, a firing range and the massive club HQ, still it cannot be considered as a party town, due to massive older populations. But Adelaide is the city of festivals. The Adelaide Fringe Festival is known to be the largest celebration of weirdness in the world, which makes it one of the liveliest city in Australia. While in Adelaide, you can enjoy the Cooper’s brewery which is the only large scale family-run brewery in Australia. If you are a fan of football or cricket, then this city offers you the Adelaide Oval. Another excitement about Adelaide is the presence of Kangaroo Island nearby. The island is home to the largest numbers of Koalas and you can also enjoy a ferry ride.

7. Cairns

When in Cairns, everything is the opposite, even the weather. It is summer in winters and as you go up towards the north, it becomes even hotter. Cairns is the tropical base, from where you can explore the Great Barrier Reef. The city is a party town as it offers a ridiculous number of adventures. You can have your adrenaline rush while scuba diving, skydiving, bungee jumping, hang gliding and last but not the least white water rafting. If you are planning to travel to Cairns in 2023, then you should be physically fit to enjoy all its activities and adventures. Before you leave this city after your trip, make sure to visit the beautiful Whitsunday Island, which is standing with all its serenity to welcome you.

8. Byron Bay

Surf with the dolphins or party at the beach hotel, what could be better. Good news is the Byron Bay offers both of these together, you can even make dolphin friends or party all night long on the Beach Hotel or Top Pub. Not only the city offers pristine beaches and sunbathing to make your surfing more fun, but it also holds a number of music festivals. Some of the most looked upon music festivals include the Byron Bay Bluesfest, Falls Fest, and Splendour in the Grass. Besides the beach activities, the city offers all of your possible enjoyment activities including a trip to smoke-filled Nimbin, which is a hippie town, dance on tables with spring breakers and explore the beauty of nature in the rainforests.

9. Launceston

The banks of the Tamar river house the second largest city of Tasmania, Launceston. Although the city is small, it offers beautiful colonial architecture. Besides architecture, the awesome food and lively arts make this city worth visiting. The Cataract Gorge, which is the main attraction for tourists in the city, includes some adventurous trails for exploration. Vineyards of the Tamar Valley and the Ben Lomond National Park are also worth paying a visit

10. Newcastle

Newcastle is the second oldest city in Australia. The city lies on the coast in New South Wales and is pretty cool to visit. If you have a taste for historical architecture, then this city is a must visit. It also offers serene colourful beaches for surfing and bathing. An interesting fact about New Castle is that it was built on the coal industry, which is still the largest export of the city. From Newcastle, you can visit the beauty of nature that includes mighty mountains, serene beaches, vineyards and Hunter Valley.


Your 2023 tour to Australia is all set if you are planning to visit these cities. You can have all types of entertainment in this city, from food and hiking to beaching and surfing. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip at the earliest as Australia is waiting for you with all its adventures and fun.



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