Thinking of Ghosting? Read our Breakdown On The Dating Tendency First

The Ghosting Dating Scenarios

 We’ve all been in a situation where the most convenient and fastest solution to an uninteresting romantic partner is to kind of just stop talking to them. Whether you tell them that you met someone else, you went out of the country, or simply nothing at all, the result is the same. The results can vary greatly, and we think you may want to give second thoughts on how you do this. You never know how things can change in life! It’s best to keep good relationships with everyone around you. Here’s what we think you should do if you are tacking this back exit into the dating life.

Why did he/she ghost me?

It can be a decision that you are 100% sure you will take after a half-hour of talking to the person. Or maybe they just made a change or choice in their life that you don’t agree with and now you are thinking of taking them out of your life for good. Whichever reason and way you choose, we’re going to give you a breakdown of how this works and possibly should work.

Always remember if it ever happens or has happened to you, ghosting is a personal decision and although it does concern you, the person chooses to do this on their terms!

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Stop contact and disappear AKA ghostingthe

It’s not something we recommend but it can be an exit if you just began talking with this person and there is little history between you.

It’s certainly understandable if the person did something that made you uncomfortable or is giving you vibes of being dangerous. If this is the case, hopefully, he/she will catch the message and stop texting or calling you as well when they see that you are not responding.

Be advised, it can come across as cold, and if you ever have to deal with the person again he or she will probably not be happy with you.

Honesty and coming through in communication is a decent thing to do

 If you feel respect for the person and want to let them know that it’s over on your end and the relationship will stop, make sure to not be too blunt. If they smelled like they hadn’t bathed in 3 days there is no need to say that explicitly. Tell them you met someone else, aren’t ready for a relationship, or something else that is tailored to cushion their emotion from the blow of being rejected.

You would appreciate the same being done if you were on the receiving end.

It comes across as more respectful and mature than straight-up ghosting and is a diplomatic way of making sure that if you cross paths with that person again, things can begin again in a friendly enough manner.

Be kind as you part ways

Tell them you think they’re a lovely person, but now is not the time to be dating for you. Being kind to them as you set them aside is a great way of ending things in a nice way that can please both of you. This can be used if you work with the person for example, and having a positive relationship is important in your life. Say you had a great time, but don’t have the energy right now to put into a relationship. Kindness never fails when you want to make someone happy in an easy manner.

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Rejection doesn’t require you to be mean

There is no need to be mean when someone opens up to you about yourself. Say someone just told you or let you know somehow that they don’t feel a connection with you and would like to part ways. Why would you be a bully to them? The alternative would be to ghost you! It takes courage and a kind of a sentiment of rectitude to take the time to make this clear to you, so always try to appreciate the honesty even if it means you won’t see anything of that person anymore. Being dignified in defeat is a trait of champions, some say.

Be clear to avoid unnecessary messes and confusion

One of the worst things you can do when you are not interested in a person is to lead them on in small ways even though overall you are not interested in the person. It’s a waste of time for everyone involved regardless of the reasons why you are doing it and can lead to confusion for the receiving party as well. Having the courage to put a formal end to the relationship in a way you consider appropriate, it’s a sign of growth and maturity.

Fun Fact

Thinking of Ghosting? Read our breakdown on the dating tendency first

Ghosting can lead to feelings of self-criticism and self-doubt in the short-term, and may hinder the development of trust and vulnerability in future relationships, which are necessary for growing intimacy, stated Dubar.

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