These Coins May Award You 10X Returns

Three coins are attracting the attention of the crypto-interested public now. They include Apecoin (APE), Logarithmic Finance (LOG), and Binance Coin (BNB). It also includes Bitcoin Circuit as it looks perfect for providing 10X chances of returns.

The reason for this expectation is the current bullish behavior being displayed by all of them. Such behavior could very well progress into the future too. Then again, large stakeholders, or whales as they are known in the crypto world, are intently intensifying their present holdings. They hope to make them sources of passive income, soon enough.

Meaning of 10X in the Crypto World

If you are keen to join the crowd, there are a few facts that you should know about the 10X profit percentage.

How do you calculate your returns, while investing in these specific coins?

First, note down the investment amount, and divide the return on it. Whatever figure you get, multiply it by 100. Finally, subtract 100 from this result. The outcome is your 10X profit percentage.

To understand it practically, suppose you bought Bitcoin worth $1 million. The return on your investment is $10 million.

Divide $10 million by $1 million, wherein the answer will be 10. Next, multiply 10 by 100, wherein you get 1,000. Subtract 100 from 1,000. The final answer is 900. Translated into profit percentage, it indicates that your 10X profit percentage is 900%.

Now, for you to understand which coins will yield heavy profits, you must study the market capitalization of each one.

  • A high market cap is equivalent to something beyond the U.S. $10 billion.
  • A mid-market cap would be anything between the U.S. $1 billion and the U.S. $10 billion.
  • A small market cap would indicate a value below the U.S. $1 billion.
  • A macro market cap refers to new tokens, displaying values less than the U.S. $10 million.

Logarithmic Finance

Although it is brand new in the cryptocurrency world, it displays potential for high returns on investments. Equally true, it is a small-cap token. Nonetheless, the coin should take off, once the listing goes through. Presently, it is on display for investors like you, via a pre-sale program.

The LOG token has a definite purpose. It seeks to provide a communication pathway between investors and innovators. Logarithmic Finance understands that startups, which are yet to take off, find it extremely difficult to obtain capital for investments. Therefore, it offers the best and easiest solution for the founders of startups (innovators/entrepreneurs) and investors.

Logarithmic Finance thrives on a token swapping protocol. It provides a platform for the swapping of cryptocurrencies with NFTs. Then again, unlike other protocols, this one is ready to give sufficient support for the capital funding of presales. It also offers cross-chain functionality.

There is immense benefit in bringing investors and start-ups together on a common platform. However, few investors understand this. Therefore, competition is less in this arena, giving Logarithm Finance the hope that they are onto a winning strategy.

The organization also helps owners of various projects to launch their own liquidity pools on the LOG token’s platform. They do so and watch for the outcomes.

APE Coin

The owners are keen to launch the metaverse soon. As a result, the APE token’s pricing could touch an all-time high. It is because the APE token is one of the most favored, within the crypto verse.

The coin enables investors to buy land in the metaverse. You may go ahead with your wish to invest, too! You need not worry about your decision, for whales have been showing plenty of interest in the APE token.

Binance Coin

Experts predict a glorious bullish run for it since its price level has already crossed $400. They believe that it will soon reach the $500 level. They have been studying the spikes in volume, every week.

The Binance Coin is a utility coin. It belongs to the Binance ecosystem. It is popular for its usage as transaction fees. If you stake your money on Binance (BNB) coins, you will gain access to a thrilling reward program. The program will permit you to gain new tokens via airdrops. You may even access a staking facility. In case you require loans that promise easy interest rates, you may utilize BNB coins as collateral.

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