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Theraband is a band made out of natural rubber latex or synthetic rubber and comes in different colors according to the many levels of resistance. It works by creating more resistance to simple exercises making them more challenging and at the same time helping a person to build up strength by overcoming the resistance.

As starters, try to select a Theraband according to your current physical status. Examine the Theraband carefully so that it does not have any punctures or tears as you don’t want them to snap during exercises. Try to store your bands away from sunlight and do not use body oil while exercising with them. Always remember to warm up before starting the exercise. It is best to not stretch the Therabands beyond 300%. The force produced by the Theraband is directly related to the amount of stretch. Usually, Therabands last for a very long time. If it was kept properly, the bands can be kept for years. Always check your Therabands for signs of tear or cracks before using them. If you found some abnormalities on the band, change them!

Examples of Exercises Utilizing Theraband

Therabands had been used to strengthen almost all the muscles of our body. Many exercises had been designed and these are some of them.

Exercise for feet – Sit on the floor in the pike position. Feet flexed. Wrap the band around the balls of your feet and pull them tight with your hands. Bend one knee while you stretch through the other foot until it is fully pointed. Switch to the other knee for the same exercise.

Exercise for legs – Standing near a wall with hands on it. Circle the band around the bottom of one of your right foot and your left ankle. Curl your left leg up until it is parallel to the floor. Pause and return to the original position.

Exercise for chest – Stand with feet in shoulder width and knees slightly bent. Arms bent at the elbows. Wrap the band around your wrist and slowly pull your arms apart while inhaling. Slowly return to the original position. Repeat all the steps for few times.

Exercise for shoulders – Hold the Theraband on both hands and step onto the band with your feet as if you’re standing on the band. Knees are slightly bent. Raise your arms out on both sides until they are parallel with your shoulders. Return back to the original position and repeat the exercise as often as you want.

If you find your muscle strength improving and the exercises are becoming easier to do, try to move up to a more resistant band for more challenges. This is a good improvement as you are gaining more muscle strength. Try to increase the intensity and repetition of the exercises as well.

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