The Sin of Sloth Laziness Leveled Up

The Sin of Sloth — Seven Deadly Sins

The  Sin of Sloth Laziness Leveled Up
The Sin of Sloth Laziness Leveled Up

There’s nothing like a bit of relaxation after a hard day’s work, or even just kicking back whenever you have free time at your leisure. However, sloth differs greatly from mere relaxation–it is characterized by a complete lack of desire regarding everything, even the positive or enjoyable aspects of life. As there’s nothing to love or fear for the slothful person, they are perfectly content with just “being”. Worst of all, it’s alarmingly easy to transition from laziness–which is relatively benign–to the aimlessness and lethargy of sloth.

What Is the Sin of Sloth and Why Is it Worse than Laziness?

The most obvious examples of sloth are the occasions when people can’t be bothered to do much of anything at all. If they are engaged in some activity, it’s usually some form of mindless entertainment that requires no real engagement. This is definitely the case with vacuous television shows and magazine articles meant to stir up gossip. More subtle instances of sloth occur when people elevate trivial or mundane activities to an inappropriate level of importance. There’s nothing wrong with these activities at all, but acting as if they are sufficient for self-actualization is a prime indicator of sloth.

Inactivity is the bane of a fulfilling life, and so is complacency. No matter how fortunate you are in life, happiness and achievement are not going to come your way by chance. In order to avoid falling into sloth, always be open to new ventures and consistently ask yourself if you are making full use of your advanced consciousness. It would be an utter waste if highly intelligent creatures such as us were to spend all our time simply meandering through life. However, if you’re constantly active throughout your days and seeking stimulating experiences, then you’re already doing a good job of keeping sloth at bay.

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Fun Fact

Why is sloth The deadliest sin?

The vice of sloth hinders a person’s righteous undertakings and becomes the path to ruin, taking no care of his or her needs or the needs of the body. A person who is slothful neglects all the essentials for his or her body, and also neglects to attend to the important affairs of the mind.

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Dave Peterson
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