The Screaming Jets Concert

Screaming Jets – 30th Anniversary

Event: The Screaming Jets Concert

Venue: The Bridge Hotel, 119 Victoria Rd, Australia

Date: Sat, 27 Aug, 8 pm GMT+10

Official Website:

The Screaming Jets, a five-piece Newcastle band, grabbed the Australian music industry by the scruff of the neck in 1990 and gave it a red-hot shake. The screaming jets have announced a 30-year re-release of their debut album, “all for one,” and nationwide tour dates from July to October. The Screaming Jets had already played over 200 live performances and won the ‘Triple J Battle Of The Bands’ competition records.

Dave Gleeson was characterized as “a tattooed lunatic, hell on heels, he hops around the stage like an epileptic in a minefield: a true horror show mix between Alex from Clockwork Orange and, in part, Mike Patton” by the hard rock music bible ‘Kerrang’ at the time. In between songs, his banter is a funny mix of wrath and vulgarity.”

About The Screaming Jets

Frontman Dave Gleeson (vocals), Paul Woseen (bass guitar), Grant Walmsley (guitar), Richard Lara (guitar), and Brad Heaney (guitar) created the Screaming Jets in Newcastle, Australia, in 1989. (drums). All for One (1991), Tear of Thought (1992), and The Screaming Jets (1993) are the band’s three top-five albums on the Australian ARIA Charts (1995). Their single “Better,” released in 1991, peaked at No. 4 on the related singles chart. Walmsley departed the band in 2007 and started his own. Bombino, a solo acoustic album by bassist Paul Woseen, was released in 2013.

‘All For One’  Album

Their debut album, ‘All For One,’ was published in 1991 and reached #2 on the ARIA charts. ‘Better,’ the album’s second single, was the band’s first international hit, and it prompted The Screaming Jets to go on their first global tour, which took them to Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Following the publication of their debut album, The Jets went on to play alongside legendary bands like The Angels, The Choirboys, and The Divinyls and headlining their tours, establishing a devoted live fan following across Australia and the world.  Fast forward 30 years and Screaming Jets are gearing up for a nationwide tour to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the record that began it all. For the first time, the band will perform ‘All For One’ in its entirety from beginning to end.

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