The Psychology of Social Media Addiction

The Science Behind Social Media Addiction

Free Ebook – The Psychology of Social Media Addiction

The Psychology of Social Media Addiction – Why is it that some people are so hooked on social media? Sometimes, this addiction gets so crippling that they sacrifice the things that used to be their priorities just for more time on their social media account. The Psychology of Social Media Action by David Peterson helps you identify if you are one of those social media junkies. It has a checklist for self-assessment so you can diagnose if you are suffering from social media addiction or not.

  • The Psychology of Social Media Addiction discusses the technicality of social media addiction. Its content includes how the brain functions and how hypnosis plays a vital role in such neurological process. It explains the science behind social media addiction to help you understand it better. It helps you understand the effects of social media on your emotions and how it keeps you hooked to it through those effects.
  • It helps you get to know yourself better as a social media user. It provides a comprehensive list of the characteristics of a social media addict. From this list, you can check if you are one or not.
  • It proposes solutions to help you overcome your addiction to social media and how to stop your obsession in this world of likes and sharing.
  • One of The Psychology of Social Media Addiction’s focuses on the social media addiction of students. You may have noticed that aside from kids’ short attention span, it is more difficult to get their attention than ever because they are usually glued to their mobile devices.
  • Aside from personal use, this David Peterson book explains different business marketing strategies and how it capitalizes on social media psychology. Although social media is addicting by itself, not all social media platforms are created equal. Therefore, it helps you understand why some platforms are more addictive than others.
  • It shows you social media use statistics to help you understand why social media addiction is something relevant and why it is big enough to cause worries. It also discusses why an intervention is needed and what would work like rehabilitation for social media addicts.

Social Media is definitely here to stay. There are different reasons why people get hooked to it. However, it is very important to understand social media addiction so that you will not fall a victim to it. The Psychology of Social Media Addiction will help you understand everything about such addiction.

Free Ebook – The Psychology of Social Media Addiction

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