The Optimal Size of The Male Organ in Bed

Technically, the size doesn’t matter. But, psychologically, it does. And, if you think that your size is not big enough for your partner to satisfy, then your focus will always be on your penis and not the activity it should be doing. This can be horrifying because you will not be able to perform at your optimal level in bed if you keep on thinking about your size. 

And, you know what, most men that think about the size of the penis, don’t even have the small penis that they think. Therefore, they shouldn’t be worried about their sizes and instead, should concentrate on giving their partners an extraordinary experience in bed that they will never forget. You have to focus on the activity; not the size.

But, you have heard that a million times and you will still think about your size. This is the main problem with both men and women. Women will think about their boobs and men will think about their penile length and girth all the time. And, this is an implantation of the porn industry because they will pick pornstars in the industry, with unnatural sizes. 

Therefore, if you go to porn sites regularly and try to compare the length of your penis with the ones that porn stars have; you will end up feeling down and out. So, don’t do that. But, if you want to know how long a man’s sexual organ can go, then here are some of the most important things that you should be aware of. 

The Myth of Average Penis Size

Look, you have to understand that there are many myths circulating on the internet about the average size of a penis. Some would tell you that to demean you. Also, some people have the habit of overestimating the size of the penis. 

In this regard, you should know that over 85% of men overestimate the average size of the penis because they lack confidence that their penis will fall into that category. It is a myth and you will notice what the average penile size can be in the next section. 

What is the Average Penis Size?

So, let’s talk about the average size of the penis that you wanted to know. First of all, the girth of a flaccid penis would be around 3.99 inches whereas for an erect penis, the girth would be around 4.59 inches and this is average.

For the length of the penis, 6.3 inches is the average size of the erect penis and you know what, almost 95% of men fall into this category of 6.3 inches long penis. So, you shouldn’t underestimate your penile size as you might fall into that category as well.

How to Measure Your Penile Length

Now, you will be wondering how on earth you can measure. You need to measure both the flaccid one and also the erect size of your penis. Here is who you should do that;

  • Use tape to measure your flaccid penis from the head to the pubic bone.
  • Any fat around the pubic bone should be compressed for accurate measurements
  • Now, start looking at Asian porn stars XXX pics to get an erection
  • After that, once again measure the penis from the head to the pubic bone
  • For the girth of your penis, measure the middle of your shaft in both a flaccid and erect state

Does the Size of Your Penis Matter in Reality?

The age-old question that every man wonders is; does size matter? But, you know what; confident men who understand that their size is the average size of the penis will not ponder the size of their penis. The only thing they will concentrate on is how they can make their partners happy in bed and, in reality, it is what matters the most; the skills in bed and not the size.  

Final Thoughts

Finally, this is all you have to know about erect penis size and hopefully, now you don’t have any confusion in your head. So, it is time for you to get rid of your misconceptions because the only thing you should focus on is improving the sexual skills you have to impress your partners.

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