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List of Tallest Cricketers in the Cricketing World

In certain sports, an athlete’s height or size can play an important role just as much as their skillset does. Take, for instance, basketball, a large number of basketball players have an average height that ranges between 6 ft 1 to 6 ft 6. While there are countless players who are much taller, only a handful are below the median range. Not to say that players smaller in stature did not excel in the sport but they were definitely at a disadvantage.

Comparatively, there are sports like artistic gymnastics, horse racing, figure skating, skiing where it pays to be short in stature. This is because being short means having a lower center of gravity which equates to better balance than those who are taller. Additionally, in some of these sports, short athletes tend to be lighter and are often more flexible than long-limbed athletes.

Therefore, it is safe to say that height does influence how well and how far a sportsman will go in his chosen sporting career. In the world of cricket, however, a lot of the most amazing batsmen were believed to be below the average height. Some examples are Donald Bradman who measures 5 ft 8 inches (172 cm), Sunil Gavaskar, and Sachin Tendulkar who both measure 5 ft 5 inches (165 cm all of whom are below the average height. Their success in the sport is often attributed to their stature which is said to give them a better advantage when it comes to balance and footwork. As observed by many cricketing fans, oftentimes wicket-keepers who have displayed the most grace are those who are either at average height or below it.

Of course, this does not mean that tall cricketers do not excel in the game. There are in fact a good number of cricket players who are well above what is considered to be the average height. Usually, these sportsmen tend to stand out thanks to their longer strides and their ability to deliver heavy hitters.

Tallest Cricket Players in the World

In contrast to other sports, cricket sees a wide range of players. From the average build and height of a sportsman to the unconventionally tall gentlemen who have caught the attention of players and fans alike. Thankfully, the sport is quite forgiving and is not bound by specific requirements. Because of that, many rather tall players have managed to showcase their abilities on the playing field since the inception of the game until the present day. Here is a list of the world’s tallest players, some have long retired from their beloved sport, while others continue to dominate the matches they play in.


Tom Moody

Height: 204 cm

Born on October 2, 1965, Thomas Mason Moody or more popularly known as “Long” Tom Moody was a tall and intimidating batsman who stands at 6 feet 7. Tom, now retired as a cricket player, currently holds a position as the director for the cricket team of Sri Lanka, and the director for the Sunrisers Hyderabad, a recognized Indian Premier League team. Tom has also been busy serving as a coach for various cricket teams.

Peter Geroge

Height: 207 cm

Adelaide-born George was a bowler with a fast right arm. Best known for his top-notch bouncers, this Australian cricketer has represented his team primarily in Test matches. With a height of 6 feet 8 inches, this 34 year old is one of the tallest cricket players in the world.

Bruce Reid

Height:207 cm

Now aged 58 years old, Bruce Reid was a former left-arm fast bowler who played in many international matches for Australia. With a height measuring 6 feet 8 inches, this long retired Test, and ODI cricketer was among the select few tall players during his time. Bruce however was very prone to injuries during his time as a cricket player. These injuries cut his cricketing career short by the time he was just 29. Now he coaches bowling for numerous cricket teams including Australia, India, and Zimbabwe.

Morné Morkel

Height: 198 cm

Originally a cricketer for his native South Africa, Morné also played for countless IPL franchises from 2009 to 2016. He retired from the international cricket scene in 2018 after playing for 12 years. A constant fixture in various cricket formats, Morné played T20, Test matches, as well as ODI. Standing at 6 feet 5, this former speedster for South Africa has since moved to Australia and has signed up with the Big Bash League following his residency approval. 


Steven Finn

Height: 204 cm

Born in Watford, on April 4th, 1989, Steven Finn who measures 6 feet 7 inches started playing cricket at the age of sixteen. A member of all three formats of the national team in England, this right-handed bowler can also bat on the same hand. Currently, Steven can be seen playing 100-ball cricket for the Manchester Originals. On his downside, he has a podcast that is filled with cricket stories.

Chris Tremlett

Height: 207 cm

Considered to be both an excellent batsman and bowler, Chris was born in Southampton England. Standing at 6 feet 8 inches, he played cricket for the Hampshire team and the Surrey County team. During his prime, he was thought to be one of the fittest athletes and was ranked along with tennis player Rafael Nadal, boxer Floyd Mayweather, and Usain Bolt. Despite an injury that almost caused him to quit, he became a part of the Test team that brought home the Ashes in Australia 2010-2011 win.

Boyd Rankin

Height: 204 cm

Another tall cricketer who played T20 matches for England is 6 feet 8 inches tall, Boyd Rankin. This fast bowler first debuted as a cricket player for Ireland back in 2007 all the way to 2012. He soon after announced his intention to stop playing for Ireland and will be signing with England. His tenure with England’s cricket team only lasted a year, and by the end of 2014, he announced his availability to once more play for Ireland. Boyd’s return to the Irish team happened in February of 2016. From then on he enjoyed several wins until he officially retired from all forms of the game in May 2021.

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New Zealand

Kyle Jamieson

Height: 207 cm

The tallest athlete to play cricket for New Zealand, Kyle measures 6 feet and 8 inches. He shot to fame after earning the title as his team’s second-highest wicket-taker in the Under 19 World Cup. Although having been in the sport for many years, Kyle only made his international debut in the cricketing world in 2020. Kyle has played several cricket formats and continues to excel in his sport.

Peter Fulton

Height: 201 cm

With a nickname like “Two Meter Peter,” it comes as no surprise that this New Zealand cricketer is amongst the tallest players in the world. A Test match against the West Indies in 2006 was this talented athlete’s game debut. Unfortunately, some injuries hindered his further growth in the international cricketing field. Born in Christchurch, the right-handed cricket star who measures 6 foot 6 inches retired from the game in April of 2017.

Jacob Oram

Height: 201 cm

At one point in this cricket player’s career, he jokingly mentioned his willingness to have an injured pinky finger amputated just so he would be able to compete in an upcoming match. Although this was said in jest, there is no joking around about this over 6-foot cricketer’s dedication to the sport. He uses his left to bat and his right hand to bowl, Jacob who was born in New Zealand played in international tournaments for a little over a decade. Had he not suffered various injuries throughout his career, his retirement from Test cricket in 2009 would not have likely happened.


Shaheen Shah Afridi

Height: 201 cm

Pakistani professional cricketer, Shaheen got his time in the spotlight when he debuted in December 2018 in a Test match. This quick left-handed bowler, in his young age, displayed his astonishing bowling and hitting ability. Even with an amazing 90mph bowling skill, Shaheen considers himself an all-rounder. He works tirelessly to dominate not just bowling, but fielding and batting as well. At 6 foot 6 inches, his exceptional stature has earned him a spot amongst the tallest cricketers across the globe.

Mohammad Irfan

Height: 216 cm

Undoubtedly, no one has yet to beat Mohammad Ifran as the tallest cricketer in the history of the sport. Born on June 6, 1982, this 39-year-old stands just an inch over 7 feet. He is able to reliably bowl at a speed of 140km per hour. Thanks to his height he is able to deliver an extra bounce to every ball he bowls. Despite his impressive bowling prowess, he is an all-rounder who professionally plays multiple formats.

West Indies

Curtly Ambrose

Height: 204 cm

Brought into the world on the 21st of September in 1963, Curtly Ambrose was a former cricketer for the West Indies. He retired in early 2000, yet his legendary status as one of the tallest players in the sport has never been forgotten. At the time of his career, his height was marveled upon since it proved to be advantageous for him. This gentle giant’s retirement landed him in the Cricket Council Hall of Fame where he will forever be immortalized. At age 57, this 6 foot 7 former pro now coaches cricket teams and plays bass in his spare time.

Sulieman Benn

Height: 204 cm

Dubbed as one of the greatest spinners in cricket, Sulieman Benn was born in Barbados on July 22, 1981. This traditional spin bowler favors his left arm, and his aggression in the game has intimidated many batsmen on opposing teams. Speaking of batting, Benn has been known to be an above-average batsman who holds a 17.48 first-class average. Standing tall at 6 feet 7 inches, he towers over many players in various formats during his prime. The now 40 year old remains active in local games.

Joel Garner

Height: 207 cm

A son of Christ Church in Barbados, Big Bird as is fondly called was born on December 16, 1952. The amusing nickname was given to Joel Garner by the West Indian team, who at the time, found his nearly 7 feet stature to be unbelievable. This quick fast-bowler was an active cricketer for his national team in the 70s all the way to the 80s. Joel excelled immensely in limited-overs where he was able to successfully take 146 wickets and a total of 98 matches. Highly regarded for his skills during his heyday, Joel continues to be a prominent figure in the world of cricket.

Jason Holder

Height: 204 cm

This former captain of the West Indian cricket team was born in 1991 in Barbados. With a height of 6 feet 7,  his bowling ability was unpredictable primarily due to his height. He achieved infamy for being the youngest cricket player to have held captaincy of two team formats (Test and ODI format). He may not be the tallest cricketer, but at his measurements, he ranks fairly close. Interestingly, Jason joined a domestic team after having signed with an international team first. At age 29 he is often seen playing various professional cricket formats. Many expect this right-handed all-rounder to go far in his sporting career.

To Conclude

If the best cricket players were initially thought to be those with below-average height (around 5 feet 5) the how come taller cricket players have done just as well in a sport that was said to be a disadvantage to them?

Where the tall players may lack a bit in footwork, they make up for it with their abilities. Their sheer strength and longer strides and reach have given them an edge that the shorter counterpart has to work extremely hard to achieve. For tall players, their heavy-hitting, explosive bowling, and their speed are more than enough to help them succeed in a sport that was thought to be meant for shorter athletes. It just goes to show that in cricket, size doesn’t matter as much.


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