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The tourism of Australia is growing by leaps and bounds, courtesy, the beautiful destinations spread across the Australia. It attracts thousands of tourists per year. Every year the tourists visit Australia and come back with fond memories and praises. No single corner of Australia is untouched by beauty. You will see breathtakingly beautiful views, as far as your eyes can see.

Although there are many beautiful sites and monuments that are extraordinarily stunning, but there is one thing that deserves a special mention, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a marvel.

Location of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge joins the Sydney central business district (CBD) to the North Shore. Constructed across the Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is an incredible steel arch bridge. This bridge is the largest steel arch bridge in the whole world. It is not the longest bridge in the world though. The bridge stands sixth in the list of the longest bridges of the world. The maximum height of the bridge is 134 metres. The bridge is often referred as “The Coathanger”, due to the arch- based design of the bridge. The Sydney localities simply call it “The Bridge”. The view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the harbour and the Sydney Opera House together looks iconic and is the iconic picture of Sydney and Australia.

The bridge is also a vital transportation link in Sydney. As many as 200,000 cars cross this bridge on a daily basis. The bridge carries vehicular, rail, bicycle as well as pedestrian traffic between CBD and the North Shore.


Francis Greenway was the first person who, in the year 1815 proposed the idea of building a bridge to connect the northern and southern shores. The bridge was then built under the supervision of Dr J.J.C. Bradfield from the NSW Department of Public Works. The responsibility of designing and building the bridge was given to Dorman Long and Co Ltd of Middlesbrough, a British firm. The bridge was opened in the year 1932.

Things To Do

To explore the bridge closely, you can lay your faith in the Bridge Climb Sydney. Climbing to the top of the bridge and getting to know about the rich history behind the bridge is an amazing experience. The view from top of the bridge is something totally out of the world. The arial view of the bridge was also beyond the world.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

You can also take a ferry to feast your eyes with the view of the bridge. A guided kayak tour is also a great option. There are several cruises like Sydney by Sail and Sea Sydney Cruises that will give you a close look of the bridge.

You can take a walk on the bridge. It will just take 15 minutes to cross the bridge. The experience will be amazing.

My overall experience of watching the Sydney Harbour Bridge from the ferry and walking on the bridge will surely be beyond amazing. You will undoubtedly cherish it all your life.

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