Starting an App Side-Hustle on a Budget in Australia

21st Century Side Hustle

It feels like almost everyone has a side-hustle these days, with technology lowering the barrier to entry for those who want to earn some extra money or to try their hand at something new. The rise of side-hustles has also meant that people are not only looking offshore for app support but can actually find Australian developers to work on their app, regardless of the available budget. If you’re looking to start an app side-hustle on a budget in Australia, let’s discuss what you need to consider in order to scale your business and turn it into a great income. 

Find a Developer That is Value For Money

How you grow your business is up to you and your skills, but first, you actually need to get the app built. Finding a developer that is value for money is going to ensure that you have a ready-to-market product that is exactly to your scope, but not blown out of budget because you added on some widgets and features you don’t need. Receiving quotes from a number of developers will bring you up to speed on the average price and what outputs you can expect for that spend. Given that this is your side-hustle and not your entire livelihood, you are going to need to put more hours into engaging more agencies in the market until you find the price and product that’s right for you and in your budget.

Learn From Your Competitors

Reinventing the wheel is an expensive exercise, and it’s never necessary if we actually take the time to survey the market and see what other operators are out there and learn from them. That’s not to say that you are stealing intellectual property or insights, but it means you can better understand the market you will be entering. Who are the customer types, what prices and products are they currently paying for, and what gaps present themselves based on these competitor offerings? All this can be uncovered in the competitor analysis and can guide your own strategy. Instead of spending money digging for deep data, do some market research and start your side-hustle planning from a more informed position and your budget will thank you for it.

Stagger Your Launch

Launching a business, even if it is a side-hustle, demands a big budget. If you don’t have these funds or don’t want to allocate them to upfront, then you may find value in staggering the launch of your app. Work with your developers on breaking apart the app-built project, and pay an invoice at a time and tease your audience as if this is all part of the grand plan. In the early iterations of your app, your call to action might be to have your audience sign up to your mailing list to receive more information about your product or service when it soon lands. That way when your app is eventually ready to go, you have a warm customer base ready to engage, and curious to see what is about to be uncovered. With a bit of creativity and social buzz, you can actually turn your staggered launch into a compelling tease campaign.


Your budget might feel like a huge barrier to success, but there are certainly ways around building an app for your side-hustle that don’t require an almighty loan or a long wait to save that magic number. Do your due diligence in finding the ideal developer that is value for money, learn from your competitors and what they bring to the market, and if you have to launch your business slowly make it part of your marketing design. Side hustles are created from passion and hard work, so don’t let your budget hold you back.

Main Image by William Iven from Pixabay 

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