Should You Get A Job While in College?

Working Through College

There are many reasons you might want to have a job while in school. It can pay for tuition, give you extra income, and help you build your resume. It might be an obvious choice for some since the cost of tuition is so high. But you might be worried about keeping up with your social and academic life since a work schedule can conflict with these things.

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Do You Need to Get a Job?

Although it can offer extra income, having a job can also leave you feeling exhausted and burned out, which won’t help you study for that big test coming up. If you need to improve your organizational skills, a job can be an extra burden that overloads you. The good news is that taking out private student loans can minimize the financial strain, allowing you to focus on your studies and social life. They’re an especially good option once you have maxed out your available federal loans.

Advantages of Working in College

Even after financial aid such as scholarships, you’ll still have to pay some fees out of pocket. If you have a steady income, you can ease some of that financial burden. It’s also a good way of getting some spending money. It would allow you to eat out since dining hall meals can become boring. Having some extra cash also lets you go to a concert or theme park. Even if you only have a service job while in school, it can look good on your resume. It tells potential employers that you’re a hard worker and can balance multiple projects. A job offers important experience and lets you add to your professional network. In the future, these connections might give you recommendations for a full-time job.

You might not think of it but having a job during school can positively impact your GPA. That’s often because it forces you to manage your time wisely. If you have too much extra time on your hands, it can be tempting to slack off on studying. Plus, it helps you experience the value of hard work, which can translate to better grades.

Disadvantages of Working in School

Every time you go to a shift, you have a little less time to catch up on homework, sleep, or spend with friends. Even if you only work 10 to 20 hours a week, you’ll still lose time. You might find your priorities clashing, giving you less time to wind down. Some students find they have scheduling conflicts. Perhaps they’re scheduled for a shift during an important professional lecture. Or maybe their friends want to go to a fun event, and you can’t since it’s in the middle of their shift. Depending on how motivated you are, a job could be a blessing or a curse. Working a few hours each week might motivate you to get your studying done in a shorter time, but if you work too much, you might not have enough time for school. That can lead to lower grades.


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