Should Prostitutes Be Legal Worldwide?

Should Prostitutes Be Legal?

Taboo topic time! Should prostitution be legal? It’s a simple yes or no question. Well, not really, but let’s try and make it simple, m’kay? No judgment, just facts, and rational opinions. Be nice, guys, all right? All right, let’s get right into it. Pros and cons.

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So Let’s Start In Favor Of These Certain Ladies

  1. It’s a human necessity, just like hunger or peeing. It’s a built-in need for reproduction, a lust. That’s how humans stay alive, after all. Simply put, if we didn’t fu*k, we’re dead, guys.
  2. The job has been around for quite some time. And by that, I mean since the dawn of men, almost. Plus, to be honest, it’s a fair job: you provide a service – you get paid. It’s like working from an office – only the offices are the streets and some filthy cheap motels. Just like now, if not more, some women, even men, used to do it all the time. Simply to earn a living, trade, or maybe they just liked it, whatever, who cares what the reason was or is. But remember, we’re talking about consensual stuff here, not some other nasty sh*t that definitely should stay illegal. You hear that, Harvey Weinstein? Yeah, you do. That’s what you get for being a dirty old fart.
  3. Most importantly, as they like to say: your body – your choice. Obviously, you should be allowed to do whatever the hell you want with it – it belongs to you, right? As long as you’re not hurting yourself and being careful. So in that spirit, if you support abortion, the Terminator coming for your fetus, how can you not support having sex for doe? Again, it’s entirely your choice, and you should have a right to be free, damn it!

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Now, Let’s Review The Night Shift’s Negative Sides If You Know What I Mean

  1. Let’s face it; it can be pretty dangerous for the workers. They can get in some real trouble out there – both from the customers and the pimps. And they often get mistreated, do not get their fair share of the money, and are used like objects that belong to someone. Most of them pretend they need them for protection, but pimps don’t really do anything except take prostitutes’ hard-earned money! If we ever legalize it worldwide, I vote to get rid of pimps and let women do their own sexy business and take all the money themselves. After all, they are the ones doing all the work.
  2. To some, it’s morally debatable or simply unacceptable. Most religions don’t allow it, so religious people will naturally be against it. But even without religion part, some people find it wrong. And, of course, they also have that same right – freedom of thought, just like the ones who support it. Just like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Freedom!
  3. Tempting as it may sound, it’s a fact that being promiscuous, or let’s just say it like normal people geez – it’s a fact that fu*king a lot can cause STDs and even severe medical conditions. Even worse – pregnancy. Haha, just kidding, of course, don’t get all agro on me. Babies are cool. Anyway yeah, it can cause you physical damage, especially when you do it with suspicious strangers in some back alley for 20$. Because for the really good stuff, you’ll need at least $500. Don’t ask me how I know it. Actually, a friend of mine told me, yeah, that’s it.

So, you nasty little fu*kers, and I mean that literally, those are the pros and cons of prostitution. What are your thoughts on it seriously? Please don’t be ashamed to say it. Are you for or against it? Or somewhere in the middle, because nothing is ever black and white, not even pussies and dicks.

Anyway, my vocabulary in this video was – WOW! Gonna have to wash my hands and mind with soap after writing this. In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on legalizing prostitution. And freedom in general.

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