Self-Improvement Tips For A Better Dating Life

Self Improvement For Dating

Improve yourself and get the man of your dreams

Romance can be a complex thing, that’s why it’s good to make sure to be an attractive person that has worthwhile romantic relationships by working on things one by one.

You are a whole package and making sure that everything is set into place and in the best way is a great way to work on yourself.  Personality, appearance, your self-esteem all counts when someone decides to take a chance on you.

We will give you advice here on how to have a good appearance, a relationship with yourself, and in the end, that guy you have been dreaming of!

1. Be an ambitious and positive person

The first step to attracting someone is being an attractive person, and to do that you must be in tune with yourself and your dreams. Being positive and having a healthy and optimistic outlook on life can be all the difference in your energy. Energy is that feeling that we radiate to people by our personality and it’s one of the first things that people notice about us.

Having goals and dreams are also desirable traits. This means that you have a general vision of what happiness and life are to you, if you are a person that tries their best to achieve their goals, people will likely be magnetically drawn to you for this! Everybody loves a winner.

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2. Be only you

Being yourself is a key part of life and when it comes to something as personal and deep as romantic relationships, it’s crucial that you stay true to yourself to build those connections that you are looking for. Pretending to be someone else is not only draining but its bound to limit your life in general. Living through life with a costume means that you don’t get to experience people, events, and places with your true self. You are depriving yourself of your vitality by doing this.

For dating guys, all of this applies as well. If you put on a facade to be the person you think they will like, you are setting yourself up for disaster. You may be able to put up with it for a time, but in the end, your true self will always be there under the surface sad and wanting to come out. Be you, so you can meet someone that loves and appreciates you for yourself.

3. How you look is how you feel

Making the way you look be an instant magnetic pull for other people. In dating, we all know that we notice and judge others based on appearances, so it’s best to make the most out of this! You have to be attractive to get the person that you want, but you’ll be surprised how easy this is to achieve with two traits: confidence and ease.

This goes for personality, but you can also work on making small adjustments to your attire to up your looks a bit. Keeping your hair fresh and smelling good is sure to attract guys your way.

With clothing, you don’t necessarily need to show off a lot of skin to be sexy, the right casual look worn with confidence and self-assured attitude can be the sexiest thing!

Remember this when choosing an outfit:

  1. Dress according to the occasion.
  2. Simple can be classy and elegant.
  3. Having a personal style you’re comfortable with is a great way of presenting your personality.

4. Know how to listen! Be interested

 Being a good listener is a very simple thing you can do to elevate your chances of getting the guy of your dreams. Endlessly talking about yourself and not letting the other person talk is bound to put people off. Some people talk excessively because they feel stress or uncomfortable, but it is best to learn to listen, pay attention to what the person is saying and taking a genuine interest in their life and story can make a person easily fall in love with you. We all enjoy the feeling of being listened to, it makes us feel appreciated and valued. It also shows a caring and curious attitude, two positive traits of developed individuals.

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5. Be self-confident

Being confident is not only key to coming across as an attractive person, it also enables you to take more daring moves like asking that guy out, or wearing that unique colorful outfit.

How and what you think of yourself is one of the things that people receive from us and affect their perception of us, so make it the best you can!

Having a good self-esteem boosts all areas of life, make sure to endeavor to have a good relationship with yourself.

6. Smile and laugh as much as you can

Everyone loves being funny. Make sure that when the guy you’re with makes a joke, laugh good naturedly and easily! It makes the other person feel special and desired.

It’s a great way to win someone over easily.

You can be light-hearted and funny yourself, it’s a simple matter of developing your own sense of humor and having the courage to say what’s funny to you at times.

7. Give and not just take!

It’s a sadly common trait to come across the term ‘gold digger’ and the people who represent that too, but it’s also an opportunity to be clear that you are a more profound person that is interested in more than that. Be kind and love and respect people for who they are, this shows character and people always appreciate it.

It’s also a good trait to develop in life since it cultivates a spirit of kindness and non-selfishness. Being a person who has gratitude and enjoys giving back to the world will earn you friends wherever you go.

We live in a world of constant exchange, and being willing to put a little bit extra of yourself on the giving end is a great thing to do.

8. Let him do a little bit of the work

Make sure you are not the only one that is putting effort into making the relationship work! Needyness is an undesirable trait and speaks at a flawed person. Let him chase you for a bit, it may seem like a game, but its a way of evaluating the other person and seeing how they react to different things. Coming across as desperate makes people go away, not bring them in. Letting a guy come to you is a good way of making sure he is interested in you and willing to work a little for you. It’s part of being an independent person.

9. Get to know him

Being interested in a person is something that is easily picked up on. Take a genuine interest in his goals, hobbies, things he likes and doesn’t like. If you do it well, he will like you more for the simple fact of you being an interested part in his life.

10. Don’t Be Angry with Him When He Makes Big Decisions.

Take it easy when he makes a decision! Radical and judgmental people are not attractive, being supportive and kind is appreciated when a person makes a decision, especially one that was hard to take and the person knows other people will judge him based upon.

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Should I improve myself before dating?

If You’re Even Ready For A Relationship . When coming out of a long or emotional relationship, take your time and evaluate why your previous relationship didn’t work. “Take the time to heal and examine the reasons why your previous relationship didn’t work,” says certified coach Anza Goodbar.

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