How Gay Dating Apps Can Overcome Stigma and Racism

Five Ways Gay Dating Apps Can Reduce Stigma and Racism

Online gay dating apps offer you an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals for hookups and dates that could lead to a long-term relationship. However, there’s no hiding the fact that this environment can be frustrating, as you get to encounter all kinds of people, including those who subject you to stigmatization and racism. Hence it is very important for the platforms to do something to tackle this issue. 

One of the ways to improve user experience is for free hookup apps to address the problem of stigma and racism that many people are made to experience on these platforms. Here here is what regular and especially gay dating sites can do to reduce stigma and racism:

Create More Options for Customization 


One of the gay dating ideas sites can use to combat racism and stigma is to offer users more customization options. This works well as it gives users more control over who they can connect with. For example, instead of making some fields visible, the companies can allow users to choose which fields they can allow guests to view, and the type of users who are able to see those fields. This would effectively insulate users against bullies who purposely use certain keywords to find people to abuse online.

Every site and gay teenage dating app needs this kind of filtering to ensure sufficient protection against abusive individuals who might join the platform with the aim to cause harm to teenage users. Besides security, giving users the freedom to showcase what they want can reduce cases of harassment.

Expand Filtering Functionality 


While you can use gay dating apps free of charge, you also need features that offer you capabilities to filter while searching for a match. Dating sites should integrate features to make it easier to search and filter by specific qualifications highlighted on their profile. If a person can filter out people who have “no fats” on their profile, they will not have to deal with all the toxicity. Similarly, such a feature allows others to filter you out based on your preferences, so there is little chance you will meet someone whose values don’t align with yours.

Many people who use online dating apps endorse filtering. Some of them argue it’s a good thing to be able to filter users by their age or what they’re looking for (hookup, sex, long-term relationship, etc). However, there are people with mixed feelings about allowing filters by ethnicity, race, HIV status, and body type or size.

People of color, likely to experience prejudice, have mixed reactions to filtering. Generally, people prefer if platforms introduce filters to ensure users can avoid meeting those who don’t share their values instead of having to deal with stigma or racism.

Facilitate Better Communication Between Users 


Another way to deal with racism and stigma while using the best gay dating apps is to ensure there’s clear communication between users. Dating apps can help users develop health options for managing rejections or cases of hate speech. An example would be offering pre-written message templates that users can submit when certain situations manifest. Instead of getting overrun by emotions and sending the wrong message, a person can use the available options to express themselves. If there are cases of hate speech, the apps can use algorithms to filter messages and ensure their members are protected against content that would hurt their feelings or amount to harassment.  

Support Physical and Emotional Safety

On some gay daddy dating apps, you’re not allowed to block beyond a certain number of people. This means if the limit is 20, you can only block 20 people who harass you, and any further cases of harassment you will have to deal with. Dating apps should make it easier to block out hate and prevent harassment online. Putting a paywall on the ability to block more people seems like a way to encourage bullies to go at people on the app. It’s possible to develop other options to ensure all users can protect themselves against emotional and physical harm.  

Prioritize Users Who Experience Stigma 

While developing features for the app, it’s important to know which groups of people are most affected. Some of the groups with high rejection rates include those with transgender identity, HIV positive, disabilities, big body size, and different ethnicity. Prioritize vulnerable populations while making features and educate users about the features. Also, incentivize profile completion and demonstrate a commitment towards fighting racism and stigma.


Using dating apps should not feel like walking on a minefield. With cases of racism and stigma on the rise, it’s very important for dating apps to embrace solutions that can help combat these vices. Allow users to use more filtering options, and make it easier to report cases – and everyone will feel a lot safer and comfortable on the platform!

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Kelly Wilson
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