Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Vs iPhone 6S Plus Comparison

Compare Samsung Galaxy Note5 vs. Apple iPhone 6s Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S Plus: The comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6S Plus is pretty unfair. Because Samsung Galaxy Note 5 lies in the category of the phablet. It means this is the device between smartphone and tablet. While iPhone 6S Plus is a pure example of a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Vs iPhone 6S Plus Comparison

Well, Apple and Samsung are the competitive names of the tech industry. On every level, both companies are fighting neck to the neck by presenting world-class products.

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Galaxy Note 5 is the latest flagship of the phablet series built by Samsung. While Apple released iPhone 6S Plus as a latest smartphone.

For your guidance, I have composed this comparison between both devices to give a brief idea about them

Dimensions & Weight:

iPhone 6S Plus is heavier and larger than Note 5. The main reason is the use of pure aluminium in the body of the smartphone. While Samsung Galaxy Note 5 mainly used glass, aluminium and other essential materials. iPhone has a dimension of 158.2×77.9×7.3 mm with a weight of 192 g. While Note 5 is lighter and shorter with a dimension of 153.2×76.1×7.6 mm. Note 5 weighs only 171 g.


Galaxy Note 5 has a crisper display on a larger screen of 5.7 inches. 16 million colour pixels have been used in Note 5. While iPhone has only one edge of the 3D display on a 5.5” display screen.

Operating System:

iPhone 6S Plus has a powerful operating system of iOS 9. While Note 5 is running on the latest Android v5.1.1.


Note 5 is much faster than iPhone 6S with 4 GB RAM. iPhone only has RAM of 2GB.


Both smart devices have a strong processor for efficient working. Note 5 is supported by Quad-core 2.1 GHz. While iPhone 6S has dual-core 2GHz.


Both devices come in non-expandable versions. Note 5 comes in 32/64 GGB. While iPhone 6S comes in 16/64/128 GB.


Note 5 has a powerful camera of 16MP. iPhone has camera of only 12 MP. Both have a front camera of 5 MP.


Note 5 runs for straight 18 hours and iPhone can lasts for straight 24 hours.


Starting price of Note 5 and iPhone 6S Plus are $1099 & $1229.

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