Apple iPhone SE Review | Features and specifications -2022

Apple iPhone SE Review: Although, every user admires Apple products. But the high price tag has been an issue for everyone. People may not be able to buy expensive products. This time, Apple came out with a solution. iPhone SE is the most affordable smartphone presented by Apple. Even it is cheaper than iPhone 5C.

Apple iPhone SE Review | Features and specifications

The small size is the most incredible thing about iPhone SE. It has a 4-inch screen but features latest specifications that you can find in most advanced smartphones. This little powerhouse can compete with the latest flagships like Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6S Plus. The only unique thing is the small screen. The major reason for such small phone is the adjustment of the price tag.

Apple iPhone 6S Specs & features

It may not be real interest for people who love larger screens. But if you are a fan of phones that can slip in a pocket easily, then iPhone SE is the best!

Apple iPhone SE Design:

At first, people surprised with the Apple’s decision of using a smaller smartphone. The small device that has latest and most advanced features. Surprisingly, there is a huge number of people who want to use small but latest device. Sony was the first brand to experiment this idea with Xperia Z5 Compact. But that phone was not the successful move!

Apple has a tradition of presenting most innovative ideas in unique touch. Although, other brands were deciding to bring the smaller device. Apple managed to present the best smartphone ever with the smaller screen.

No doubt, Apple products have iconic designs. Same is the case with iPhone SE. If anyone has used iPhone 5, that person will love to hold iPhone SE. The amazing thing is that iPhone SE is available in rose gold color, which was absent in iPhone 5. Another key difference is matte finish on the edges instead of a chrome finish.

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People mat want to experience new design. But no one can deny the awesomeness of iPhone signature design. When you hold the iPhone SE, it still feels like a quality product. The aluminum finish at back feels hard and cool. The best part, you can hold it one handed!

Now coming to a mini screen. The only problem and key point about iPhone SE is the small screen. When every other smartphone owns a larger screen. We have a 4-inch screen here. If you love to play games on larger screens, you may not like this phone. The display quality is not an issue. This device is extremely powerful can capable of running any application. We can say, the decision of using iPhone SE is dependent upon your personal choice.

It has 1136 x 640 resolution and offers display at 326 pixels. The users were expecting a sharper display, but unfortunately, it has display glitches.

Honestly, the display quality of iPhone SE is acceptable. Brightness and sharpness are just sufficient!

Apple iPhone SE Camera:

Another incredible part about SE is its camera that is always a priority for ladies especially. You will be surprised to know that comes with latest camera technology used in latest iPhone 6S Plus. Yes, you got same camera lens and technology capable of live photos.

Undeniably, 12 megapixels camera is pretty impressive. Its performance is fast and powerful. That’s the point where people get confused to buy a smaller phone with the latest technology!  You may not able to buy iPhone 6S Plus, but you can experience its features at the cost of a smaller screen only.

Apple iPhone SE Software:

We got latest iOS 9 in iPhone SE. It means you get to experience most powerful operating system in this world. Most people say iPhone is a restrictive device. You cannot customize it like Android or Windows phone. But you cannot deny that an Apple smartphone is the second name of convenience. Apple understands that what are the prime demands of consumers regarding smartphones. That’s why, when you once use the iPhone, you become the fan!

You have access to the latest application in Apple store. iPhone SE comes with unique features. For example, Night shift. This feature changes blue color display into warmer colors!

Apple iPhone SE Performance:

iPhone SE is running on a dual-core A9 processor. The processor is supported by 2GB RAM. Well, the specifications are not as powerful as latest Android phones. But still iPhone SE is hard to beat!

Final Verdict:

Regarding performance and camera technology, iPhone SE is commendable! You can find each feature in this smartphone offered by latest smartphones. The only concern is the small screen! If the screen is not an issue, getting iPhone SE is the best choice!

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iPhone SE 2022 Features Specifications

From its predecessors, the iPhone SE (2022) also features a 4.7-inch Retina LCD screen with a 60Hz refresh rate. This means large thick bezels at the top and bottom, as well as a Touch ID fingerprint sensor integrated into the Home key.

The new feature of the iPhone SE (2022) is its integrated chipset, which is the same as that of the iPhone 13. In terms of pure power, the iPhone SE (2022) probably has the most power in the world, considering its small screen with fewer pixels than any other high-end or midrange smartphone. In addition to more RAM, it now has 4GB instead of 3GB on the old SE model.

The new chipset supports 5G connectivity, more computing power for iOS, and Deep Fusion for front and rear cameras. However, it was unable to add night mode for reasons beyond its control.

There is also a slightly bigger battery in the iPhone SE (2022) – it has 2,018mAh instead of 1,821mAh. The phone still supports wireless charging, just like before, and due to the small battery capacity, it charges pretty quickly even if the charging speeds aren’t the fastest on the market.

Other specs of the iPhone SE (2022) are identical to the 2020 model – there is a 12MP camera on the back and a 7MP camera on the front. Also included are stereo speakers, Apple Pay support, and IP67 dust and water resistance.

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