Review of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Start Your Spiritual Journey by Reading “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle

I liked the book’s emphasis on the present moment and how it changes the outlook towards life. 

Background of the author: The author experienced depression and, after a self-analysis, concluded. They found the answer to his problem in his self-inquiry. The following day, having said goodbye to the worrying self, he woke up in the present moment. Eckhart started teaching and published ‘The Power of now.’ 

The chain with which binds oneself is a worry, anxiety caused due to regret. These factors cause an unhealthy state of mind. When a person regrets and fears, this goes on in his consciousness and thoughts throughout the day and night. The best approach one can enjoy life and be creative is when the past and future are left. Then only the present remains. To complete enormous tasks, one must make a work schedule and act as an outline, and thus the problem would be half-solved. 

It causes pain and anguish when one cannot change a situation other words, a person creates his pain and suffers. One cannot change everything, and when one overthinks about the past and future, this way creates pain for himself. This pain may be physical or psychological. When a person is angry, the anger offers a negative tendency and becomes less rational. 

The easiest way to free oneself from pain is to constantly observe one’s owns mind and stop judging the thoughts. 

‘What will my next thought be?’

One must stop judging his thoughts and urges. They based the first strategy on an effect from physics called the quantum zero effect. This way, one can delay one’s own next thought. 

The second method is to keep observing the nagging thoughts in one’s mind. On waking up late in the morning, the idea appears, “You should have done better.” One may notice the thought but ignore it. 

These two tools would help a person separate his body from a thought-driven mind. Thus causing less pain because one resists the things one cannot change. 

One may want to form an opinion about the author. When a book sells 3 million copies, then surely one can learn something from the book. Anyone who does not practice meditation, mindfulness, and spirituality can derive pleasure and learn after reading the book.

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