Regulation of Online Casinos in Australia

Not that many gamblers know about that, but regulation of online casinos in Australia is a little bit unique in comparison to other jurisdictions. This is because not all types of online gambling entertainment are officially legal in this country. They should be permitted on the level of law in Australia. Here is the list of games that are currently legal in this country:

  • Slot machines;
  • Pokies;
  • Table games (Roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps). 

These types of games are prohibited in Australia under the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001. It is also known by many as IGA. The main regulator of gambling in Australia is Australian Communications and Media Authority, they are more known as ACMA. In order to regulate AU casinos online, ACMA has the power to investigate if a particular piece of gambling content is good enough for people of Australia to enjoy without being scammed. 

What is the oldest kind of gambling license in Australia?

The modern gambling market in Australia is also unique, because it is pretty much diversified. But like in most other countries, the most popular and oldest license that was provided for the local gambling market is a bookmaker license. There are a lot of online only gambling licenses that are provided at this moment. These certificates work in a little different way than in case of online casinos, because they are provided by state or territory. This means such licenses are a little bit more monopolistic than in the case of standard casinos. But it is also important to admit that in recent years a couple of online-only gambling licenses have become available for casinos to obtain. 

The reason that some gambling licenses are provided by region is because it allows gamblers to understand the certification a little bit more. They can contact local authorities in order to request more details over a certain kind of certificate. Each jurisdiction has its own rules over gambling and Australia is no different. 

The main goal behind the regulation of local authorities is to make sure that each website that is currently provided as a part of the online gambling industry should be high quality and it should work properly for all internet users at the moment. People who are giving licenses to online casinos should be pragmatic and make sure that a particular website will work well enough on both PC and mobile devices. 

How to find out if a particular online casino has a license?

If the main objective of the player is to find out if a certain website is fully legal to operate in Australia, it can be done pretty easily. First of all, it is possible to simply find a couple of reviews from both experts and regular users that will provide details over what licenses a particular website has at the moment. Maybe people have problems with accessing online casinos than this fact should be mentioned in a number of reviews and comments from regular internet users. 

But it is not the only way to get the information over certificates. If there is going to be such a need, players can simply use the help of the customer service team. By using the live chat option on the official website of a particular online casino, it is possible to request a license confirmation. Once the gambler will ask for it, the administration of the site should provide a document that will confirm the legal status of the gambling website.

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