Red Hot Used Car Market Sparks Soaring Popularity for Car Selling Startup Motor Merchants

Australian startup Motor Merchants celebrated a significant milestone in June, surpassing 1,500 cars listed on its platform for the month as it continues to gain popularity in the midst of a thriving used car market.

Launched in 2021, at the height of the global pandemic, Motor Merchants swiftly emerged as a disruptive force in the car selling industry.

As demand for used cars skyrocketed due to supply chain disruptions affecting new car sales, the platform became a go-to destination for car sellers looking to take advantage of the white hot seller’s market.

Motor Merchants’ unique value proposition, which strikes a balance between traditional car selling methods, has clearly struck a chord with car sellers. 

Unlike selling privately, which can be time-consuming, or selling directly to a dealership, which may lead to price concessions, the platform provides a streamlined and hassle-free experience for sellers which enables competitive resale prices in quick time.

The platform connects car sellers with a network of reputable dealers across Australia, creating a dynamic marketplace where sellers receive offers from dealers who actively compete and bid on listings to purchase their vehicles. 

The unique process, the first of its kind in Australia, eliminates the need for complicated advertising and dealership negotiations, enabling sellers to enjoy a hassle-free transaction.

Once the vehicle information is submitted, Motor Merchants curates the best offers from a pool of reputable dealers local to the seller that are statistically more likely to offer a higher price. Sellers can then compare offers and dealer ratings, making informed decisions that align with their preferences and objectives. With dealers actively vying for the opportunity to purchase the vehicle, sellers have the potential to secure the best possible price.

Motor Merchants co-founder Glenn Harwood, credits the platforms’ surge in popularity to its unwavering commitment to providing superior value to car sellers. 

Cars sold through the platform consistently achieve prices approximately 5-10% higher on average compared to traditional methods of selling privately or direct through dealerships.

Motor Merchants’ disruptive approach to car selling has gained traction in the market, offering a compelling alternative to conventional selling methods. As they continue to make waves in the industry, the company remains committed to empowering sellers and reshaping the car selling landscape for the better.

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Motor Merchants | Co-Founder

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About Motor Merchants: 

Motor Merchants is an Australian startup that has rapidly gained popularity as a disruptive force in the car selling industry. Launched in 2021, the platform connects car sellers with reputable dealers across Australia, streamlining the selling process and enabling sellers to achieve better prices for their vehicles.

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