Ray Chen: In Recital 2022

Ray Chen Concert 2022

Event: Ray Chen: In Recital

Venue: Perth Concert Hall 5 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA, Australia

Date: Sat, 13 Aug, 7:30 – 11:30 pm GMT+8

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Ray Chen, a world-renowned violinist, returns to Australia and the Perth Concert Hall after a lengthy absence, performing some of the most challenging, spectacular, and emotionally compelling compositions for violin. Ray, who was born in Taiwan and reared in Australia, was accepted to the Curtis Institute of Music at the potential age of 15 and trained under Aaron Rosand with the help of Young Concert Artists.

Ray is the brightest violinist of the next generation. His performances reverberate with the unbridled creativity of a skilled musician who isn’t bound by technical constraints. Timothy Young, a well-known pianist, accompanies Ray. Timothy’s musicianship, which is diverse and sensitive, is the ideal complement to Ray’s sincere talent and jaw-dropping violin pyrotechnics. In its faint graininess and warmth, the tone he receives is nearly human. There was no question that we were in the presence of something exceptional from the first notes.

Ray Chen Carrer

Ray Chen, a violinist, pushes the boundaries of being a classical musician in the twenty-first century. Ray rose to prominence after winning First Prize in the Yehudi Menuhin (2008) and Queen Elizabeth (2009) competitions and has since established a reputation throughout Europe, Asia, the United States, and his native Australia. Ray Chen’s extraordinary musicianship reaches a global audience because of his media presence, reflected in his engagements with the world’s most prestigious orchestras and performance halls.

Safety Measures

PET is required for all audience members for this performance as part of Singapore’s VDS+Test live performance experiment. All customers, including those who have been completely vaccinated or who have been exempted from VDS, must present a negative ART result within 24 hours of the performance’s finish. The authorities regret that no on-site testing will be provided at the location. However, closer to the event day, instructions on a free Pre-Event Test will be emailed to ticket holders. Ticketholders who do not satisfy these admittance conditions will not get a refund.

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