Port Arthur – A Historical Tour Of One Of The Australian Penal Colonies

A Must-See Tour of One of the Australian Penal Colonies

Port Arthur – A historical tour of one of the Australian Penal Colonies. Australia has many historical heritage sites among which Port Arthur occupies a significant spot. Port Arthur in the Tasman Peninsula in Australia is a nirvana that offers you a blend of history, nature, and fun activities.

But the history shows that it hasn’t always been a place of fun for the people. This area reflects a past full of adversities and retributions. Port Arthur incorporates the complete story of its revolution in its structure, walls, and environment tourists can reconnoitre by exploring it.

1. Tour To The Port Arthur Historical Benchmarks

To get an ample sense of the history that Port Arthur contains, it is necessary to tour all the historical landmarks of this place. Fortunately, history is not the only trait that these sites possess, they are no less in the magnificence they keep.

We can visit these sites with family, even though the path to some of them may seem daunting. Like the one to the Remarkable Cave, but they are all well maintained and safe. Other sites that will leave us stunned with their history and splendour are The Australian Convict Sites and Isle of the Dead.

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2. A Historical Visit: Exploring the Port via Cruise

History alone gets your mind a little jaded up, but luckily Port Arthur allows you to have unique adventure-history experiences. The environment swarms with coastal sceneries, conviction sites, and cliffs open for exploration by taking adventure-filled cruise trips with family.

Cruise day trips to the port become available from Hobart. It will take you to the charming rock faces where you can take off on platforms. Also, walk along with nature and explore the 19th-century prisons and other remains that are still present.

3. Parks and Lookouts

For those who wish to have a bit of serene time with the exquisiteness of nature and history, Port Arthur never fails to thrill. It offers trips to the parks like the Three Capes Track which contains accommodations for you to stay with your family, information sessions regarding the park, and the area.

Another gift of nature for the people visiting the port are the lookouts with benches beneath them. Hiking trails we made so that the people can easily walk their way to these lookouts and beaches.

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4. The Famous Port Arthur Ghost Tours

Over the 47-year history of Port Arthur, it recorded over 1000 deaths and the legends say that these souls never left this place. To uncover the history behind these mysteries, the port offers Ghost Tours around the ruins.

Tour guides assist visitors and take us through the buildings with lanterns. They talk to us through the known ghost stories in the buildings. It includes stories of the building walls and the history embedded in it. If your family is not faint-hearted, you can take these trips with family.

5. Australian Penal Colonies: Touring the Majestic Lavender Farms

Port Arthur, a historical tour of one of the Australian Penal Colonies offers a lavender experience. Lavender people associate Port Arthur with, and the reason behind it is the majestic experience of lavender farms the port offers. You can have small tours of the farms along with tours of their lavender distilleries.

You can take these trips with family as these farms also comprise cafes and present delicious meals. Also, allows us to shop for souvenirs from the famous lavender made hand products at the farm stores.

6. Climbing the Candlestick in a Historical Way

Right when you felt a little stirred up from the historical tours, Port Arthur sends another thrilling experience your way. Pack your essentials, find your comfortable pair of shoes and you’re all set for an adventurous tour to the Totem Pole and Candlestick.

This is a 4-hour adventure of approximately 8 km that involves a just amount of bushwalking and hiking. They also include facilitated lookouts where you can stop, rest, and just enjoy the view.

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7. A Port Arthur Historical Tour: The Architecture

Port Arthur – A historical tour of one of the Australian Penal Colonies let us appreciate the architecture. The history of Port Arthur is teeming with astounding architecture as much as it teems with astounding events. Among the buildings and remains that exist to date, the prisoners built most of them. Port Arthur is a locus of Penal Architecture.

The Penitentiary, The Asylum, The Guard Tower are all a part of these colonial times and penal architectures. They cover the walls with history. Uncommon events, different times are all decorated on the walls of these buildings.

8. Wildlife Sanctuary Tour to the Australian Penal Colonies

Another interesting aspect of Port Arthur is the wildlife sanctuaries and zoos. Perfect for the families to enjoy. Several wildlife parks for visitors to enjoy a serene experience to the native wildlife of the Tasman Peninsula.

These sanctuaries allow you to interact, hand-feed the famous Tasmanian devils, and many other native wildlife animals. These tours also include educational workshops inside the parks for kids and adults so you can take along some knowledge about the wildlife with you.

9. Australian Penal Colonies: Port Arthur 4WD Tours

The area around the port includes attributes of rocky cliffs, viewpoints, and beaches. Because of the terrain, the mobility of women, children, and wheelchairs becomes difficult, but luckily they offer ATV and 4WD tours available to solve these issues.

Since Port Arthur became an apt tourist attraction. The cliffs comprise designated trails for cars and ATVs, causing no trouble to the strollers. The venue provides small day trips to multiple spots like the Maingon Bay Lookout, The Three Capes, etc.

10. The Neck -A Port Arthur Historical Tour

Near the port is a tiny historical town called ‘The Neck’. The town received the name because of the neck-like shape and it forms a connection between two peninsulas. Historically, this town once became fortified by dogs to stop the prisoners at the port from escaping. A sculpture exists that marks this ancient symbol. The Neck also received popularity because of the eccentric ambiences that add precious memories and souvenirs to the journey.

Port Arthur – A Historical Tour of One of the Australian Penal Colonies: Conclusion

Port Arthur, a historical tour of one of the Australian Penal Colonies became one of the most extraordinary places to visit. History isn’t just something that you limit to books. Tourism helped to blend history and adventure together, and these mixtures became the reason that even dark and mysterious places transformed into intriguing pasts like Port Arthur. These unique places changed into leisure sites and allow people to enjoy the important events of history.

Port Arthur – A historical tour of one of the Australian Penal Colonies

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Port Arthur Historic Site – Tasmania

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