Poli: What Is It and How It Can Be Used at Online Casinos in New Zealand

Users can shop for products and commodities using the Poli payment platform instead of having to pull out their credit or debit cards on each occasion. Anyone can quickly deposit money at an internet casino or buy stuff by wiring money via the bank account into Poli. Poli allows users to bet at their preferred gambling sites in New Zealand as long as they have internet access.

All About Poli

Poli Payments is an Australian company situated in Melbourne. It was established way back in 2006. Poli was launched to provide convenience for all people around the globe. Throughout its operating years, it has accommodated tens of thousands of New Zealanders allowing them to initiate online transactions sans using a credit card.

Because of some security issues that made it vulnerable to hacker attacks, the first version of Poli— an ActiveX control—never really earned any popularity. The .NET Framework ClickOnce program was employed to power the second version of POLi, which was launched in 2008.

This variation is still in use in New Zealand and continues to operate with different banks. Nevertheless, as it needed people to update both an app and unique extensions for various browsers, it was created with attention to cybersecurity to the detriment of user engagement.

Since the release of the third and most recent version of POLi in 2012, transactions may now be completed on Macs and portable devices, which was not feasible with the first two. Patrons of online casinos can now utilize this variation to complete their payments electronically. New Zealanders don’t have to create any kind of account to utilize it, and it is speedy and secure.

Why New Zealanders Use Poli

Poli casinos is a great option for online casino players in New Zealand looking for a secure and convenient way to make deposits. Poli can be used for a variety of things, including online shopping, sending money to pals, and making casino deposits. Being in New Zealand is essentially a need for anybody considering utilizing the service, however, it is not a good enough excuse on its own to use Poli.

If you’re thinking about utilizing Poli casinos, you probably found it fantastic and want the ease and comparative privacy that go with utilizing an electronic transaction provider. Poli effectively acts as a stopgap betwixt the bank and the place where your money ends up. This is not to imply that Poli is used for shady activities or sales; rather, it is to suggest that its customers respect their anonymity among many other factors.

Utilizing Poli

Each website with the Poli corporate logo, which includes a sizable variety of casinos and sports betting in Australia and New Zealand, accepts the payment method. One can utilize the money however you’d want after depositing them from the bank to Poli.

Poli is free to utilize, but it’s conceivable that the financial institution or the casino you’re playing at will decide to impose a service charge of some kind. You ought to be capable of using Poli as long as you possess an online bank account. However, you can double-check by looking at a comprehensive list of participating banks, which is available on Poli’s homepage.

You have a quick and convenient option to employ when making deposits at online casinos that follow the regulations and laws of New Zealand while using Poli.

  • Select a casino that accepts this payment option first.
  • Proceed to the cashier webpage after creating an account there.
  • Pick Poli as your desired payment method under the deposit selection.
  • You must enter the desired deposit amount in the POLi pop-up menu that appears on the display.
  • Choose a bank where you have an account.
  • Continue to the online banking account login screen and provide the required login information.
  • Before completing the monetary transactions, thoroughly review the form’s deposit information.
  • Following that, your money will immediately appear in your casino account.

The partner banks are:

  • Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Limited,
  • ASB,
  • BankDirect,
  • Bank of New Zealand,
  • Kiwibank,
  • TSB Bank,
  • and Westpac.

Withdrawing Funds Using Poli

Poli is a fantastic way to deposit money, but you cannot withdraw using it. This happens since Poli only offers bank transfers, necessitating manual fund transfers. It cannot be considered as a compromise because it is a terrific option to play your preferred casino games instantaneously, however, New Zealand players will need to seek another option to withdraw money. Cards, e-wallets, perhaps Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency choices are acceptable methods of payment for this.

Final Thoughts

New Zealand players cherish their leisure and security much like gamers from various regions of the globe do. Sophisticated security used by POLi to safeguard their data eliminates the much-discussed hazards of information leakage.

It’s not surprising that POLi remains to be a great alternative in New Zealand when gambling at online casinos. It is thanks to their quick and stress-free transactions that are carried out efficiently and safely.

A huge thanks to John Gold, the professional columnist, who gave birth to this article. And if you’re facing a gambling addiction, get free help and call the National Gambling Helpline on 0800 654 655.

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