Parcels Concert On 29-10-2022 At The Tivoli, Fortitude Valley QLD

Parcels Concert 2022 

Event: Parcels Concert

Venue: The Tivoli, 52 Costin St, Fortitude Valley QLD, Australia

Date: Sat, 29 Oct, 7–11 pm GMT+10

Official Website:

Parcels have announced Australian tour dates in support of their ambitious second album, Day/Night, which was released recently. The highly anticipated album is divided into two parts: Day and Night and represents a significant step forward in scope and sound from the Australian 5-piece’s first album from 2018. NME called Day/Night a magnificent, interesting collection of songs, a record of epic proportions, spritely and solemn at the same time; the sound of a collective pouring out their heart and soul into an album of true beauty in a recent cover piece on Parcels. Parcels were entirely dressed in Gucci’s newest range for the cover photo.

Day/Night Album

Parcels released the single “Coming back” on 28 Jul 2021. Parcels released the song “Somethinggreater” on 15 Sept 2021, with the announcement of their second album, Day/Night, a double album published on 5 Nov 2021. In 2022, the band began on a globe tour that included North America, and Europe stops. Day/Night channels western folk and classic pop, resulting in a new sound the band refers to as their “new-fangled cowboy disco sound.”

With its vast and cinematic sound and layered lyrical themes, Day/Night channels western folk and classic pop, resulting in a new sound the band refers to as their “new-fangled cowboy disco sound.” The album is cyclical, with a perfect loop from beginning to end, mirroring the album’s topic of inner and outward self and the natural world’s perpetual turning. Identity vs. anonymity, family vs. independence, belonging vs. isolation, nostalgia vs. projection, and the self and the shadow self are all explored in this album.

Parcels Biography

Parcels are a five-piece electro-pop band from Byron Bay, Australia, founded in 2014. They are now headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Louie Swain, keyboardist/guitarist Patrick Hetherington, bassist Noah Hill, drummer Anatole “Toto” Serret, and guitarist Jules Crommelin make up the band’s lineup. The band rose to notoriety after partnering with the electronic group Daft Punk on the production and composition of their 2017 single “Overnight,” which was released on the French label Kitsuné.

Parcels’ self-titled first album was published in 2018 and featured the singles “Tieduprightnow,” “Bemyself,” “Lighten up,” and “Withorwithout.” Parcels describe themselves as a “mixture of electro-pop and disco-soul.” The band has been compared to 1960s and 1970s musical giants such as The Beatles and The Beach Boys based on their appearance and sound. Their 1970s uniform look became a mainstay after they donned it as a last-minute costume for their performance at the 2016 Lollapalooza afterparty, and they’ve stuck with it. The music of Parcels has been characterized as having “an evident fondness for the 1970s blending the old and modern.”

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