My Cat is Getting Old. What Can I Do?

Look After Your Aging Cat

It is a universal rule of existence that all living things must eventually die. And, despite the fact that our dogs constantly seem to be infants, it is a reality that they do get older. And they need specific attention in order to reach the finest possible period of their old life.

Of course, it is necessary to take your cat to the veterinarian on a regular basis, or at least as frequently as the veterinarian recommends for your particular cat. In this article, we will discuss what you can do at home to make your cat’s life more pleasant as he grows older.

Own and cosy spaces

All cats need their own personal space, whether it’s for playing, sleeping, or hiding. Always keep a warm bed accessible, ideally in a low-lying location, so that getting to it is as easy as possible.

Additionally, having a location to go away from the family’s daily routine is even more crucial at this point.

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A handy litter box

As far as the entrance is concerned, it should be as simple as possible to go into and out of the box. Additionally, the placement makes going to the restroom a breeze.

A smaller world

Cats are very protective of their territory. As a result, as they get older, it is critical to restrict their territory in order to lessen their worry and tension. It’s having everything a cat needs within easy reach while it is inside. Also, if the cat is used to walking about more freely on the street, try limiting his or her freedom of movement to something more manageable for him or her.

A predictable routine

Cats are creatures of habit that loathe change and are drawn to regularity. The severity of this trait increases with age, thus maintaining the highest level of consistency will be optimal.

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Constant hydration

Maintain numerous bowls of water that are constantly available and filled with fresh water to ensure that the cat is always hydrated and that his digestive system is functioning properly.

Beware of joint pain

Joint disorders in cats are quite prevalent, and they may cause significant discomfort and agony. If there is appropriate medicine available, always administered according to the veterinary doctor’s instructions, it may at the very least reduce the pain and allow it to live a more comfortable life for a longer period of time. It is just a question of being aware of any changes in mobility behaviour that may suggest a difficulty.

Adapted toys

Cats that are older do not lose their capacity to play! However, it may be required to modify the games in order to provide additional possibilities at the ground level while maintaining a lower degree of intensity.

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A proper diet

A diversified diet that fits your cat’s nutritional requirements should be maintained and modified as your cat grows older. For example, a cat will not need a high calorie intake if you have less movement.

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