Dogs and Guests at Home: How to Make Things Go Well

Dogs are animals, and they respond negatively when their routine is disrupted. Unless it is a frequent occurrence, having company at your house is a common interruption to daily routine. The most effective strategy to get children acclimated to welcoming guests is to educate them about sociability in general. Consequently, the work begins even before you have any guests, with the goal of preparing your dog to be comfortable with people and other animals.


Whether you have adopted a dog, or an adult dog, the socialization process goes through:


  • Participate in training sessions with other dogs and their owners
  • Walk in busy areas
  • Go to dog parks
  • Arrange meetings with other dog owners

Basically, the more used a dog is to meeting new people, the more likely it is to tolerate their presence in his home.

More specifically, we give practical and tried-and-true recommendations for those who will be receiving guests. Some need before planning, while others are designed to be followed once guests arrive at the location in question.

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Tips for socializing your dog when guest visiting your house

Make a secure environment.

It is critical to provide the dog with a safe place so that he may exit if necessary. It is also necessary to instruct the dog to enter this zone by using a simple order to do so.


Security messages should be used.

A powerful signal is sent by pheromones present in the dog’s environment, informing them that they are secure and that they may feel at peace in their surroundings.


Commands should be used to reinforce training.

This sort of training allows the owner to feel more confident in the dog’s ability to accept commands. In addition, the dog will get specific instructions in a circumstance when they are required. In a nutshell, it inspires confidence in both parties.


When the guest comes, put the dog on a leash.


By constantly placing a leash on the dog, you will signaling that it is time to act properly when someone comes to the door. It keeps the dog from bolting out the door or leaping up on the furniture as an added bonus.


Visitors are welcomed.

For dogs that are more territorial, having guests in a neutral environment might assist the dog in letting down its guard. The visitors may then go inside the home once the introductions have been made and the dog has determined that the visit is welcome.

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Visitors should be introduced to the dog.

Placing the visitor’s hand close to the dog’s nose will allow him to sniff it. Allow him to sniff freely if he feels the urge to do so, and the guest is fine with it. After all, it is the dog’s method of getting to know the individual.


Positive reinforcement should be used.

Reinforce good conduct with a word of encouragement, a party, or even a reward when the dog takes the visit well and reacts to orders throughout the visit. This continual reinforcement will allow for a rising acceptability of visits over time as a result of the constant reinforcement.

It goes without saying that each dog’s best counsel will be different based on their personality and previous experience. It is up to you, as the caregiver, to choose the most effective method of assisting your dog in being happy and balanced.



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Aki Zhang
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