5 Movies Like The Crime Is Mine To Watch

Best Movies Like The Crime Is Mine

Here is our list of Movies like The Crime Is Mine that we are sure you will enjoy. Actress Madeleine Verdier, who is impoverished, is charged with killing a well-known producer. She is exonerated for using self-defense thanks to the assistance of her best friend. After that, a life of success and glory begins, lasting until the truth is revealed.

The Crime Is Mine Related Movies List

Lady Winsley

Year: 2019

Director: Hiner Saleem

American author Lady Winsley is murdered in Büyükada, a Turkish island in the Prince archipelago. Inspector Fergün, who will lead the investigation, arrives from Istanbul.

Mama Weed

Year: 2020

Director: Jean-Paul Salomé

A police translator becomes involved in the other side of the drug trade.


Year: 2020

Director: Monia Chokri

Cédric loses his job after a sexist joke goes viral, and he then sets out on a therapeutic journey to rid himself of sexism and misogyny. He and his girlfriend hire an enigmatic, free-spirited babysitter to upend things.


Year: 2022

Director: Nicolas Bedos

Adrien, a charming dancer whose career was destroyed in a motorcycle accident, wastes his youth by being a couch potato. His life is transformed when he meets Margot, a con artist and manipulator of romantic relationships.

Best Intentions

Year: 2018

Director: Gilles Legrand

In the social center where she works, a 50-year-old who is overly invested in humanitarian work is competing. Then, with the aid of a fairly stupid monitor, she will send her students on the perilous road of the traffic code.

The Best Movies Like The Crime Is Mine

I hope you find something on this list you will enjoy; if you like The Crime Is Mine, we are sure you will enjoy the rest of these titles. Comment below on other movies you have enjoyed similar to The Crime Is Mine.

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