Mount Crawford Forest – South Australia

The Mount Crawford Forest is a bunch of several government forests. These forests have their home in the Mount Crawford region. This forest is about an hour away from Adelaide. You can reach the forest while driving to Williamstown – that’s where this forest is located. The Mount Crawford Forest is beautiful with a number of amazing sights and campgrounds. While journaling on bushwalking tracks and the campgrounds you will find they are full of tranquillity and serenity. If you are an adventure junkie, you will love this place. Why? Because a number of adventures such as camping, hiking, etc can be enjoyed in this region.

Campgrounds and Campsites at the Mount Crawford Forest:

Amusingly, Mount Crawford Forest includes three different campgrounds. The first one is the Chalks. Although it is one of the campgrounds of the forest, yet there are no designated campsites available here. This area is one highly grassed area with a number of gum trees. The second campground is the Rocky Paddock. Lastly, the third campground of the Mount Crawford Forest is the Centennial Drive. The campers would certainly like the campsite of this forest since it is very fuss-free. You can walk down freely with your earplugs on, listening to your favorite music and enjoying the peaceful ambience.

Things to Do:

The place entertains loyalty for all the adventure-junkies as they can involve themselves in a number of adventure activities here. Mountain bike riding, hiking, fossicking, horse-riding etc are few adventurous activities performed here. One amusing thing that you will find at the Mount Crawford Forest is the poisonous mushroom. The forests of this area are also very popular for dog sled racing. Apart from this, there are a few amenities available for the campers and visitors here. The forestry has availed the picnic tables and shelters. The fire remains under control.

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