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The capital city of Australia, Canberra is not only famous for its well-developed infrastructure and urbanity, but also for a number of naturally beautiful spots. It makes this place a major tourist spot for all kinds of visitors. One such amusing tourist spot of the city is the Mount Ainslie Lookout. As the name suggest, the Mount Ainslie lookout is a lookout of Canberra’s famous Mount Ainslie which has its elevation of about 843 meters. Located in the capital city of Australia, Mount Ainslie shares its vicinity with the Canberra National Park.

The Mount Ainslie Lookout gives you a picture perfect view of the city of Canberra. This place is considered as a hot spot for all the adventure freaks, photographers and travel-junkies.

Mount Ainslie Lookout: Explore Canberra at Single Place:

As already stated, the Mount Ainslie extends up to a great height of 843 meters. Thus, the Mount Ainslie Lookout will give you a wholesome view of the city of Canberra at a very single place. Here you can catch a number of Canberra attractions. The picturesque mountain ranges, the classic view of the lake Burley Griffin will simply blow your mind for good.

The Location:

The Mount Ainslie Lookout is located on the very top of the hill behind the war memorial. As already stated, the high range of 843 meters will fetch you a complete impact of Canberra planning. If you stand on the vantage point of the Mount Ainslie Lookout, you will get to explore a full-fledged view the Australian War Memorial, the Parliament House as well as the Capital Hill on both the ends. The lookout becomes very popular during the night as a result of the location when every part of city of Canberra looks lightened with bulk of bright shining objects. Also, the walking trails during the night become all the more soothing. Thus, Mount Ainslie Lookout captures it all.

Make a Perfect Visit to Mount Ainslie Lookout:

It is definitely the place to be in. You can either walk, cycle or drive towards this lookout to capture the real beauty of Canberra. The best thing about this place is that the entry is never restricted and you can visit the Mount Ainslie Lookout at any time of the day. Also this places charges you nothing but a serene beauty and some amazing views of the city of Canberra. Visit this lookout now!

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