Motorcycle Decals: How to Apply Them Like a Pro on Honda Dirt Bikes

Honda is known for making high-quality dirt bikes that perform well and stand up to heavy use. However, they just don’t look as cool as they could when riders first bring them home from the dealership. To get a Honda dirt bike looking its best, riders usually add motorcycle decals.

The process of applying motorcycle decals is relatively straightforward. However, getting the best results requires some patience and attention to detail. Read on to find out how to apply decals for Honda dirt bikes like a pro.

Preparing the Bike

The first step doesn’t require having the actual decals in-hand, so riders can harness some of the excitement they experience upon placing an order for the perfect graphics kit to start the preparation process while they wait for it to arrive. Here’s how to handle this part of the process.

  1.  Remove the seat and set it aside to avoid damaging it during cleaning.
  2. Heat the existing graphics with a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive.
  3. Peel off the old decals carefully, taking care not to scratch the paint or plastic.
  4. Remove any stuck-on adhesive with rubbing alcohol or another appropriate cleaning agent. Do not use brake cleaner, which will damage the plastic and the new decals.
  5. Put the seat back on.

If the bike is new, there’s no need to worry about these preparatory steps. Just sit back and wait for the kit to come in the mail.

Installing the Decals

The best environment in which to install dirt bike decals is one that’s warm, but not excessively hot, and not exposed to direct sunlight. A shady area outside is fine, as is the inside of a garage. Just be sure that the weather looks clear for outdoor applications.

Before getting started, check the graphics kit to make sure every decal is perfectly fitted. The kits are specific to makes and models, so ordering the wrong one means getting decals that won’t fit the bike. That’s something riders will want to know about before they begin the installation process, so it’s worth double-checking each piece.

There’s no right or wrong order in which to apply the decals. Just be patient and follow these tips for applying decals like a pro.

  • ¬†Align each graphic using a reference point like an edge, corner, or bolt hole.
  • Work outward from the center of each decal when adhering it to the plastic to avoid creating air bubbles.
  • Heat the decal slightly over contours and hard edges to prevent lifting.
  • Leave the bike parked in a shady, warm location for at least 24 hours.
  • Re-heat edges and hard contours the next day to ensure a lasting bond.

Experts recommend against heading out on the trails immediately after applying the graphics. Wait a full day to make sure that the adhesive is fully cured. There’s nothing worse than taking the time to install each decal perfectly and then having them loosen or fall off because a rider was too impatient to wait one day.

The Importance of Buying Quality Decals

Now that dirt bike owners know how to apply motorcycle decals, they can start looking for the perfect graphics kits online. Always buy from a reputable company that uses quality materials like UV-resistant inks and heavy-duty adhesives. That way, the decals will look great for years to come.

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