Marketing brainwashing of smart sales tactics? Maybe both!

Marketing brainwashing or smart sales tactics? Maybe both!

Marketing and driving peoples hard earned money out of their pockets is as old as money itself. Want and need are age old battles that conflict every man, what do you actually need and what do you just want! We have to take ownership of our desires, however don’t beat yourself up the entire game is rigged against the working man, from birth we are exposed to tricks, adverts and flooded with objects of desire.

Howard Freidman has very intelligently broke down this in his article Surprising Sales Lessons from Glengarry Glen Ross (Part 1) with focus on models that have been tried and tested over the years, while also introducing the ever more intelligent automated marketing. Thus computers driving humans form their hard earned cash for the profit of other humans. How about rights for computers not to be exploited (joke kind of but watch this space.)

Marketing brainwashing of smart sales tactics? Maybe both!

Marketing brainwashing of smart sales tactics? Maybe both!

The depth of marketing and sales is almost so ingrained within western culture that its difficult to separate, however by reading articles like  Howard Freidman’s we can begin to take the power back and better understand our journey on this earth. We have one life and I would advised filling in with experiences and love and not un-needed consumable goods.


Here are the basic needs

Physiological needs

Air (Breathing)
Sexual instinct

Safety needs

Personal security
Financial security
Health and well-being
Safety needs against accidents/illness and their adverse impacts

Social belonging


Marketing brainwashing of smart sales tactics? Maybe both!

Anything more than this is a want not need, respect yourself, respect other and respect the earth. Buy what you NEED.




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