Many who saw Change in Obama Now see it in Donald Trump

People who saw Change in Obama Now see the same in Donald Trump

Jack Morris, a Republican, cast his vote for President Obama during the 2008 elections. It did not take him long before he regretted his choice in the elections. The company in which he had been working for years had plans to lay off 36 people in Pennsylvania. This meant that he had to relocate to a new job in Maryland.

Many voters are like him. They bought into the Obama message of hope and change. But even within the first year of the president’s presence in office, disappointments had already set in.

Most of these voters chose to take the deliberate step of leaving their party and voting for him. But it’s unfortunate that it did not work for them.

Attracted to Donald Trump

But now this handset of voters are now changing their 2008 Obama support and directing to Donald Trump. What interests them with the Republican presidential candidate is that he vows to restore lost jobs and shake the political status quo.

Recent polls done to predict the situation indicate that 7 per cent of the 2012 Obama voters now support Mr. Trump. He is viewed as a ray of hope, having stood out as being more honest of the two major candidates.

The likes of Mr. Morris and several others all over the country have a common theme. The change they saw in Obama can now be found in Donald Trump. In other words, they see Obama in Trump, whereas the political arena wants them to see the president in Clinton.

That is so as many of them feel that the president is responsible for their personal circumstances. They believe that Obama has done very little to create jobs and also unfairly pushed through the Affordable Care Act. They are of the opinion that he has destroyed the US reputation worldwide from the way he handles foreign affairs. Some also hold complains that the first black president hasn’t actually reduced racially charged killings.

Another such voter is Susanne Murphy (63) who voted twice for Barack Obama but now will vote for Mr. Trump. When the ObamaCare was implemented, their electrical company had to fire five employees since the benefits were unaffordable. The action made them feel like they are failures.

Ms. Murphy’s initial choice for the presidential sit was Mike Huckabee. But as time passes, she has gradually warmed up towards Mr. Trump. She says the billionaire speaks the truth as it is supposed to be told. “He wants to unify this country. He wants to take care of America first.”

Barack Obama was ablaze

Gary Kerns (42) says that Obama was blazing hot in the previous elections. The momentum was so high that he found himself caught in it. He loved it.

He now embodies the Obama-energy in Donald Trump.

Trump has also managed to win the favor of some black voters. This is a group of voters who got significant inspiration from Obama’s 2008 candidacy.

President Barack Obama has done a great job and many now believe the perfect replacement for him is Donald Trump.

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