Love Partying? Here’s a list of Top Places To Go Clubbing This Year

Top 7 Places to Party With Your Friends

If you are one of those people who loves to take on the world one party at a time, last year was probably pretty tough for you. Fortunately this year, the world has opened up anew, and travel has been made possible again. So now you will just need to prepare your travelling documents and choose your first destination to make up for all the partying you have missed in the past year. Here are the top places to visit for clubbing and much more.

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For anyone wanting to drink more than just a drink or two, clubs in Bangkok are definitely the place to go. Visit any of them, and you will be able to drink as much as you want without being alone. From other travelers to locals, everyone will have buckets of drinks, literally. Whether you are a fan of cocktails or something with a heavier punch, you can get it in Bangkok. The partying doesn’t stop at the official closing time either. In fact, this is when the real parties begin – that is, if you can take that much partying.


If you are looking for fun party places in Europe, you don’t want to miss the ruin bars in Budapest. These unique clubs are located in a once-abandoned area of the city, that’s now populated with an eclectic mix of bars and other small businesses. From underground music to modern funk, you will be able to find everything in the ruin bars. Plus, the local partygoers are extremely friendly and help you get to the best places in the city.


Whether you want to attend a fun beach party, dance in a packed club, or have a drink at a smaller gathering on a rooftop, you can do all of that in Barcelona. Whatever your preferred party style is, the experts at can advise you on finding the best destination for it in Barcelona or anywhere else in the world. Although the perfect mixture of partying hard and leisure time you can get here is hard to beat.


From the early summer until late autumn, Ios and the surrounding Greek islands become hotspots for tourists; and their great beach parties are one of the reasons for this. The shot bars offer drinks at affordable prices, and the closest accommodation won’t be too expensive either. This is the other reason so many tourists are drawn to this place, after all, and if you are willing to participate in some local games, you will have even more fun.


For the fans of modern beach parties, visiting a club in Miami is a must. Although a little more on the expensive side, these places offer a wide variety of drinks, modern music, and a chance to meet some famous people from the area. The best thing about any club in Miami is that the best DJs from the area are ready to provide you a good time all year around. If you manage to save a little bit on your lodging, you can get into several different clubs and catch the latest music trends.


Prague is another European city where you can have a good time at very affordable prices. Notorious for their cheap beer selection, any pub in this city will leave you with a desire to come back next year. Whether you opt for a strong local beer or an even stronger cocktail, you won’t go wrong. Just make sure your lodging is nearby because you will pay the price for those later.


Sydney is a dream come true for backpackers looking to have a good time. Parties are organized at almost every hostel on a regular basis, so you will barely have to spend any money aside from the drinks. These gatherings are attended by locals and travelers equally, and all of them will be happy to show you a good time by buying you a drink or two. Of course, if you prefer to go to a bar in the city, you won’t have to go far to find one either.



Whether your deciding factor in opting for any of these places will be your budget or your preference to try something local, the decision will be totally up to you. Whichever site you decide to visit for your party travel this year, you will be guaranteed to have the time of your life. And what’s even better, whether you travel alone or not, you will never be alone at any party place. From small beaches to huge clubs, you will always find fellow travelers or local partygoers everywhere to keep

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